What is INFUSEmedia?

A team of three brilliant entrepreneurs opens our doors for the first time. Having seen lackluster performance from other tools, INFUSEmedia sets out to build a completely different demand engine, backed by machine learning and human genius. We expand rapidly in North America, partnering with some of the most prominent and respected companies in our industry. A year into our journey, business is booming. As a pioneer in our industry, we are the first demand generation company to form a Client Success organization, aimed at ensuring that our client’s goals are always aligned with our goals.

No exception. Today, our Client Success organization is our largest team in size and scope, overseeing all aspects of client engagement. Committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses overcome a period of economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, INFUSEmedia launches a free program aimed at providing critical resources for restarting and growing the business, including 25,000 nurture-ready leads, in Europe, North America, and APAC. The program subsequently receives multiple awards and nominations from various B2B marketing organizations.