What is Magloft?

It all started when Nick wanted to create his own digital magazine. He had no idea how so he began searching on Google for various options. It quickly became obvious that creating his own digital magazine was going to be very expensive or technically challenging.The overpriced options motivated Nick to start work on a solution that was better, easier and much cheaper to get started with. He wanted to offer other people like himself a simple and fast solution for creating awesome digital magazines.A few months later Nick had the privilige to spend some weeks with Tobias who was a guest entrepreneur at Livit Spaces which Nick co-manages in Bali, Indonesia. They immediately clicked and Tobias saw great potential in the Magloft project. They became partners and Tobias took on the role as CTO.Since then our team has grown and we are now 12 team members working on making MagLoft even better! We see a great need to support publishers with their own custom native apps and we are excited to be able to fill that need.