What is Mailgun?

Mailgun is a developer-focused email automation solution. It provides a comprehensive cloud-based email solution that allows you to send, receive, and track emails sent through your websites and applications. You can see exactly where your emails are going thanks to Mailgun’s clever inbound routing and storage. Mailgun is a set of APIs for integrating email that was created for developers. All of the most popular languages are supported, including PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, and Java. You can track all emails and maximize their chances of avoiding spam filters and reaching inboxes with tracking and analytics options, including A/B testing. Mailgun’s software automates the delivery process for you, ensuring that your emails have the best chance of arriving in the inbox. You’ll always know what happened to each email you send thanks to the API control panel. Each Mailgun domain has its own sub-account, complete with its own sending queue and reputation. Your transactional emails won’t get buried behind your mailings this way. With Mailgun’s recipient variables tool, you can easily tailor all emails for each user. To tailor the complete look of the email, image URLs can also be provided. With Mailgun’s automated inbound routing and storage, you can route and forward email directly to your inbox or app. Email parsing converts your emails into structured data that’s easier to understand, while spam filters keep unnecessary emails out. With Mailgun’s monitoring and analytics features, you can run A/B tests and report on your results. With searchable logs, you’ll always know what’s going on with your emails.