What is Mitrai?

Mitra Innovation is a Digital Advancement company. We help our customers stay ahead by harnessing the power of digital and cloud technologies. We guide them through the rapidly evolving technology landscape and exploit the latest tech to deliver an outstanding customer experience. We unlock the potential in their data and help securely manage, control and exploit it . We enable our customers to innovate, scale and grow their business. We’d love to explore the challenges and opportunities your business faces and how Mitra could assist. Mitra Innovation was born of a desire to make the best technology available to the widest audience. The digital journey can be challenging. Finding clarity and purpose amongst the buzzwords and acronyms, and understanding what your organisation needs, requires a partner you can trust. A partner who can deliver scalable solutions with the right level of resource at the right price with minimal risk. Ensuring secure collaboration internally and externally, getting data sources working together to draw better insight and turning business requirements into strategic, innovative solutions, generating growth and customer engagement. With expertise across multiple systems and platforms and across all business and public sectors, wherever you are on your digital journey, we can help.