What is Parablu?

We make it our business to ensure that you feel secure taking your business to the cloud. We’ve served as a catalyst in several of our customers’ cloud migration strategies by providing secure data management solutions that help organizations use cloud storage with confidence. The team at Parablu is led by experts in security and data management with an illustrious track record of three decades in engineering world class software solutions used across thousands of enterprises globally. In the current climate where organizations are being held increasingly accountable for data loss, and ransomware variants keep rearing their ugly heads, we work with you as a partner to ensure your data is safe and that you stay compliant. A secure backup is the best chance your data has against increasing instances of data breaches and ransomware attacks. Strengthen your endpoint backup process and make your cloud secure file storage environments safe with Parablu’s enterprise backup solutions. Our encryption-enabled, super scalable, and cost-effective cloud data backup solutions help enterprises take control of their data and ensure that files and information move safely between your enterprise assets and the cloud.