What is Pipit?

Pipit’s digital CASH transaction platform connects with Payment Institutions in Developing Nations to enable them to accept CASH payments from their Diaspora through our Cash Collection Network.Pipit Global is a company with a mission – a social mission.We are a Financial Inclusion company with a mission to help both unbanked and security-conscious people to fully participate in the Digital World.We are not here just for the benefit of our shareholders and stakeholders, but for society.

We believe in this so strongly; we have written it into our Articles of Association.Many businesses today push customers towards transacting online, through incentives and price reductions. It can often be cheaper to shop, buy a train ticket, pay bills or transfer money with a digital/online transaction than over-the-counter.However, currently almost all digital payment requires a bank account and/or credit/debit card; and not having either, or not wanting to use this facility because of security or privacy fears, excludes a significant segment of our population from fully participating in the global online community, which is where much of our lives are lived today. We are a Social Impact Enterprise aligned with the UN’s Social Development Goal 10 to reduce the cost of remittances to 3% by 2030.

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