What is Praecipio Consulting?

Since our founding in 2006, our Atlassian Platinum Enterprise expertise and process focus has made us the choice of industry-leading companies to help them be the best at what they do. We optimize your processes leveraging the Atlassian suite to deliver best-in-class results. As Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partners, we offer services and products (including implementation, licensing, custom development, and training) across the entire Atlassian product suite. In addition to our partnership with Atlassian, we also partner with Marketplace add-ons makers (such as Tempo, Brikit, and Riada) to provide even more robust offerings. Our long history with Atlassian and our commitment to process improvement drives our business- including our own contributions to the Atlassian Marketplace, DocuSign for Atlassian and Secure Content. We work with teams of all business, management, and software development (SDLC) methodologies to deliver first-class process improvement solutions with Atlassian.