What is PriceWeber?

We’re PriceWeber, a marketing, public relations and advertising agency in Louisville, Kentucky. We understand that things like awareness, clicks, and shares are table stakes for any agency. That’s why at PriceWeber we focus on helping you measurably impact sales, margin, and shareholder value because those are your real goals. Our teams achieve this by using our agency insight team to create unique customer-centric strategies to drive your business and then executing those strategies across traditional and digital platforms.

Our expertise extends across a number of business verticals including Beverage, Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Utilities, Sweets and Snacks and Convenience Retail.Beyond our skills and industry practice expertise, we constantly invest in understanding how shifts in sociocultural factors impact customer shopping and buying behaviors for our clients. This discipline has been critical to our client’s success as we continue to experience seismic changes in our world. Another thing that PriceWeber understands is that our business depends on finding, hiring and supporting amazing people. We’re honored to have been named a 2021 and 2020 Best Places to Work in Kentucky. Like other laurels we receive, we won’t rest on this one. We will continue to strive to make PriceWeber an amazing place to work and grow.

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