What is PrimeGov?

PrimeGov was founded in 2014 when several jurisdictions—dissatisfied with their current agenda management software options—began looking for a company committed to the legislative process.

Prior to 2014, our team designed and implemented hundreds of legislative management solutions. Over the years, we have worked hard to develop strong relationships with government staff throughout the US and Canada and we were disheartened to see the steady decline in service quality and the lack of legislative focus by the leading software providers. But our team also saw an opportunity: to utilize the latest technology, our strategic partners, and our decades of experience to bring the best possible legislative management product to market. By building our solution on widely used and supported “commercial” web applications and social media, we have been able to rapidly build a single, end-to-end product that can handle the entire legislative process.

Cities and counties all over the country soon took notice and partnered with us. Some have wondered how we’ve been able to make our mark in such a short time and the answer is simple: we understand the legislative process, we understand the technology, and, most importantly, we understand our clients.