What is Proposify?

Proposify is a web-based proposal software that allows you complete control and insight over the most crucial stage of your sales process. Get the confidence and flexibility you need to manage and close all of your estimates, contracts, and proposals, from deal design through sign-off. Create eye-catching sales documents that are error-free and consistent. Get the information you need to expand your process, make timely engagements, and forecast accurately. And provide your customers and prospects a seamless sign-off experience. Proposify has transformed the proposal process, allowing your sales professionals to spend less time on administrative responsibilities and more time on what they do best: selling. Proposify offers customized templates that sales professionals can reuse, so all they have to do for their next big transaction is change the details. It keeps all of the content sales people need in one place, so putting together a presentation takes minutes rather than hours. You can also give salespeople the ability to write proposals, contracts, and agreements directly in Salesforce, keeping their data in sync. A buyer experience that incorporates interactive pricing, videos, and live chat will wow your prospects. With our legally binding electronic signature tool and order forms, you can get faster sign-off and make it easier for prospects to buy. Find out how prospects are interacting with proposals, which sections they looked at and for how long. This insight helps reps know when to reach out to close the deal.