What is ProPricer?

In his time as a government contract management professional, Joseph Shurance, experienced first-hand the needs of proposal teams and the laborious process of developing competitive cost proposals that meet the detail requirements set forth by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). For too long, proposal teams trudged through the tedious and redundant process of developing one cost proposal after another while being bogged down by the limitations of their homegrown or spreadsheet-based pricing systems. A better way to do it didn’t exist yet, so Joe created one – ProPricer. 

The original edition of ProPricer (now known as ProPricer Contractor Edition) was introduced by the newly founded Executive Business Services, Inc. (EBS) in 1984, with a focus on serving federal contractors bidding on large-dollar supply contracts. Today, the name ProPricer reflects a full line of proposal pricing solutions designed for businesses of all growth stages and contracts of all types. The addition of ProPricer Government Edition to our product line gave federal agencies access to the same powerful pricing engine as our industry customers, but geared toward cost analysis, in order to help agencies make confident award decisions that are fair and maximize benefit to the public.

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