What is Ptex Group?

We are champions of the beating entrepreneurial heart. A hub of creativity and business acumen. A team of thinkers and tinkerers, doers and go-getters, using the power of four dynamic divisions to help your business thrive. We are Ptex Group.
Branding + Marketing 
With thought, craft, and impact, we get to the heart of the matter to create, disseminate and activate holistic brand experiences
Printing + Design 
From the humble flyer to the massive manifesto, every printed piece that goes through our doors is embodied with our ethos of unparalleled quality and care.
Web + Digital
There’s no secret to this code. We partner with you in getting to the heart of the matter, deciphering how your business can thrive and flourish in the digital sphere.
Office + Call Center 
Give yourself more time to concentrate on growing your business, by handing us the daily calls that bog you down — freeing you up to do what you do best; mind your business.

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