What is Ribbon?

Ribbon continually pushes beyond today, proudly securing real-time communications, transforming networks and developing new cloud applications for generations to come.

The world is more complexly woven together than ever before, impacting the way we live, work and play. When it comes to our communications experiences, we want them to be seamless, convenient and secure. But delivering critical real-time communications means going beyond speed and security to a more comprehensive, engaging, contextual, all-encompassing experience. 

Nanoseconds matter in the digital realm, and so does ease of use. There is no room for disconnect, disarray or danger, and no time for cumbersome, non-intuitive experiences. Embedded real-time communications are helping us become more productive and efficient, but connectivity and security must be tightly threaded in harmony, chain-linking end points with absolute clarity. We need a way to bind our worlds innovatively, elegantly, and safely. We need impervious, flexible channels that can intertwine, live atop and dive into any environment, braiding together the global criss-crossings of life and work. 

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