What is ScoutLogic?

Most background check companies have clients in a general pool of service agents and researchers. This model is great for the background check company but requires recruiters to waste time navigating a vendor’s phone system to resolve an issue. With ScoutLogic, you are assigned a “Scout” who is dedicated to your business. This Scout actually performs the checks and they get to know your recruiter and your candidates. No longer will your recruiters have a faceless call center agent trying to resolve an issue by reading status notes, they will have a resource they know and can answer their question on the first contact.

Our Scouts will feel like an extension of your team working with your recruiters to find great talent.Recruiters often waste time chasing down the status of a background check. Background checks seem like they go into a “black box” and you don’t know when they will be returned. This makes sourcing talent and scheduling onboarding incredibly difficult. ScoutLogic’s “Scout” model proactively notifies your recruiters of any delays due to offline courts, small employer verifications, or candidate issues. Your recruiters will get an email each morning highlighting any issues and the estimated completion time so they can manage their pipelines. No longer will your recruiter have to sit on hold with a call center to try and get a status on a candidate.