What is SMC Consulting?

Is it possible to combine creativity with structure and security? Yes, I am convinced that it is. Since our start in 1995, we have demonstrated for both our clients and our team that an IT company can be both a reliable supplier and a stimulating workplace. There is simply sustainability in every part of our thinking.
A large part of the long-term view involves nurturing our relationships. I’m enormously proud to say that we always deliver on time. And we always deliver at the agreed price. Through a personal relationship, accessibility and commitment to customers, we also provide the right things.

We work for major clients, but we will never forget that it is the individual who runs the project or has hired us who suffers if we fail. In our world, this cannot happen. In our world, it would be a betrayal of the trust we are meant to nurture. So far, we have succeeded with all of our projects over our 25 years of existence. We want the person who engaged us to feel like a hero in his own organization after the mission is complete.

Both you and I spend much of our lives at work. Therefore, I see it as my duty to help us have as enjoyable and stimulating a relationship as possible. It makes me happy and satisfied when customers say that my colleagues at SMC Consulting are competent and happy to share their knowledge, and simultaneously warm and friendly. It’s then that I also know that our projects are successful in every way.

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