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Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone
Since our founding, the SoftBank Group has sought to promote the Information Revolution to contribute to the wellbeing of people and society.

What does happiness mean?

Different people will give different answers: “To love and be loved;” “To live each day to the full;” “To express oneself;” “To smile.” In essence,however, happiness is a form of inspiration. Why is the SoftBank Group engaged in its business and what does it aim to achieve? The answer is simple: to bring happiness and give inspiration to people — a vision that has guided us since our founding and is encapsulated in our corporate philosophy.

The performance of computers has increased rapidly and humanity is facing its own big bang — an era of superintelligent computers that will usher in the Information Revolution of unlimited potential. It is vital that this transformation be brought about in the right way, so that it adds happiness to humanity.
This vision is a driving force for the SoftBank Group as we continue to pursue growth.

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