What is StretchSense?

StretchSense produces a hand motion capture solution that combines stretch sensor gloves with machine learning, resulting in superior finger tracking for animators, game developers and film studios. The soft capacitors inside our gloves can be stretched or squeezed, and the resulting changes can be measured with a high degree of accuracy. Stretch sensors do not suffer from occlusion, drift or magnetic interference — factors that limit the effectiveness of other types of motion sensors.

We are an engineering team at heart with a keen focus on improving our tech in response to customer feedback. This is a key reason why our hand mocap solution is trusted by game developers and motion capture studios across the globe. We’re proud of the fact that StretchSense attracts talented people from diverse backgrounds. This gives us the edge we need to continue delivering high-quality products and levels of service. StretchSense headquarters is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Our international presence in Los Angeles, Seattle and London allows us to provide close support for our customers in North America and Europe. We are working with industry representatives in China and Japan in order to meet growing demand for quality motion capture technology in those regions.

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