What is The Total Farm Marketing Story by Stewart Peterson?

We started out as an advisory firm called Stewart-Peterson Group Inc. and over the years grew and expanded our companies, services, and solutions to help farmers be successful. In 2019, we changed our name to Total Farm Marketing by Stewart-Peterson to clearly emphasize our focus on strategic long-term marketing solutions for farmers. While our name has changed, our continuous commitment to farmers remains firmly rooted in our core beliefs.

TFM360 Analytics delivers multi-year, comprehensive marketing strategies to address virtually any marketing need on a farmer’s operation. Every recommendation starts with a sales decision, supported by smart hedging recommendations. No matter what the market does, we make sure that you have clarity into its impact on your operation.Using in-depth analysis, the TFM360 Analytics team calculates possible price scenarios, considers every useful risk management tool, and develops sound recommendations.

Our team anticipates how scenarios could unfold and helps position you for them. Their job is to help ensure that selling and hedging decisions work together strategically, decision by decision, on multiple years of production.Catering to the unique needs of grain and dairy farmers, the Total Farm Marketing by Stewart-Peterson Analytics risk managers apply specialized knowledge across a range of operational areas to determine the best holistic solutions across multiple years, all for an annual fee.

The TFM360 Analytics grain team utilizes deep experience across markets and farm marketing industries to deliver comprehensive, multi-year strategies for virtually all the commodities on your farm, including corn, soybeans, wheat, and beef.A highly specialized market like dairy requires specialized market experience. The TFM360 Analytics dairy team delivers with comprehensive strategies for milk, feed, fuel, and Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance (D-RP).

Total Farm Marketing by Stewart-Peterson takes the emotion out of your farm marketing, helping you make thoughtful and strategic decisions. We provide more clarity and insight into future business decisions, enabling you to be as prepared as possible for whatever the market may bring. In today’s competitive environment you can’t afford to guess wrong. We don’t guess. We build price incrementally, supported by smart hedging decisions, all with the goal of delivering a weighted average price within 10% of the market high.