What is Vitajoy ?

In 2005, Mr. Dan Gu decided to leave his current job and start Suzhou Vitajoy Biotech. Mr. Gu saw the global opportunity for supplying high quality nutraceuticals as well as the importance for providing a high level of customer service, which was lacking in the industry at the time. Over the course of the next 15 years, Vitajoy would grow to become one of the largest suppliers in the world. In 2007, Mr. Gu brought his vision to one of the most highly sought-after markets in the world, The United States. From there Vitajoy USA was created and set up 3 strategic locations, California, Georgia, and New Jersey. With these 3 strategically located warehouse, Vitajoy USA was able to reach more customers in a shorter period of time. Vitajoy Biotech has also set up a HQ in The Netherlands to better service their European customers.