What is Vulcan Cyber?

As cybersecurity pros, we all get why we’re here. Fix those vulnerabilities, secure our application and cloud assets, reduce our risk. But if the mission is so obvious, how come we so often fall short? How come we’re no better at prioritizing vulnerabilities, at delegating tasks, at articulating risk to different teams and getting them on the same page? Our cyber risk management goes unmanaged, and our risk only keeps growing. We’re here to fix that. At Vulcan, we’re changing the way organizations view cyber risk. It’s not just about knowing what to fix or how to fix it. It’s about having total visibility of all your cyber risk – and the tools and capabilities to communicate it clearly to teams and stakeholders across your organization. Vulcan provides an end-to-end solution for the entire cyber risk management lifecycle – so you can go from problem found, to no problem at all.