What is WhichAddOn?

WhichAddOn “Think Salesforce – without the price tag – and you actually want to use it! We love and use Accelo in our business because it is so powerful and easy-to-use.” At WhichAddOn, we help product selling businesses save time and money. We help wholesalers, retailers, online sellers and manufacturers be more productive and increase profits by creating greater visibility into their business and improving customer service using Accelo. WhichAddOn officially launched on July 1, 2015 by our two co-founders, Jeri Wambeek and Marlon Wambeek, working diligently together to make it a success. Today, WAOConnect (formerly WhichAddOn) is a rapidly-expanding and industry-leading inventory management integration firm with an international presence. We service product-based businesses looking to move their business and inventory management systems to the cloud. With our client-based approach, we pride ourselves by providing you with the best cloud-based inventory management software and add-ons connected to each other forming the best possible system for your business. Our expert team of Solution Engineers – who are all fully qualified accountants and IT professionals – are here to help.