What is Workwolf?

Workwolf is a developer of a staffing company dealing with resume and candidate background verification software created to reduce the occurrence of resume fraud. 

The company's product is a blockchain and AI-based background verification solution that solves two of the biggest issues in today's employment market: applicant filtration and resumes verification, allowing employers to view background-verified candidate profiles and hire without the hassle. It provides up-to-date information about candidate credentials, offers detailed reports to employers, and allows the candidate to create a profile and get verified.

With the help of Workwolf, you can get many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Get more applicants: Workwolf promotes your jobs to more than 100 job boards with only one click after they are ready.
  • Filter more effectively: Reduce a large number of resumes in seconds to a small number of excellent matches. In contrast to other systems, Workwolf combines intuitive filters for skills, experiences, and personality fit to forecast performance outcomes extremely accurately.
  • Clone your top-performing employees: Invite the best of the best employees to take Packfinder, the effective psychometric assessment, and compare their results to those of the new staff members. Workwolf uses data science and big data to create a robust new tool that can precisely predict professional success in more than 60 different positions. According to research, this insight is equivalent to 3-6 months of on-the-job evaluation.
  • Intelligent & adaptable analytics: Workwolf is always changing, just like your business. Workwolf adapts to changing team dynamics and learns as your company grows, making the system smarter.
  • Background checks & references: With Workwolf, you can check candidate backgrounds more quickly and affordably than with traditional background checkers.

To sum up, Workwolf is a hiring platform that can analyze candidates 200X faster than a human. The program automates the hiring process while using unique technology to screen and verify backgrounds, providing the labor market with unmatched efficiencies.

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