What is Zipnosis?

Zipnosis is a cloud-based virtual care solution created by clinical care experts with the goal of streamlining healthcare operations and enhancing accessibility for both patients and providers. With Zipnosis, healthcare professionals can quickly diagnose patients and quickly recommend treatments by gathering their symptoms. It`s boosting efficiency and patient satisfaction. 

Main features include virtual triaging, multimodal communication, in-depth reporting and analytics, flexible workflows, and third-party integrations. To develop technologies intended to advance the health ecosystem, Zipnosis focuses on integrating empathetic aspects of the patient-doctor experience within its system. Professionals can provide a personalized experience for each patient using virtual diagnosis and multimodal communication. Through online consultations, video chats, phone consultations, and real-time chat, patients can consult with specialists while staying in the comfort of their own homes. 

Professionals can get insights to manage various service areas, such as surgical care and occupational medicine, and enhance workflows using in-depth reporting and analytics. With the help of third-party integrations, Zipnosis can provide a better and unified healthcare experience that it concentrates on.

Support for Zipnosis is available throughout the week, though not quite around the clock. It is available to patients as well as healthcare providers from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays. Additionally, there are also tickets that can be created. For urgent situations, which can be routed to the on-call technical support professional, these are reportedly looked at outside of the mentioned service hours.

Zipnosis offers onboarding assistance, which includes less than an hour of training for new users. Zipnosis offers email communications and quarterly customer webinars for ongoing training.

In conclusion, Zipnosis is a creator of a virtual care platform that is intended to increase clinician efficiency and ensure clinically appropriate patient outcomes. The company's platform offers automated service, more options and convenience for patients, better efficiency for providers, and boosts the bottom line for health organizations, enabling clients to expand access to immediate care.

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