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The Best Social Media Software to Help You Grow Your Brand

The best social media software helps you to take control of your social media presence. Find out top CRm systems in our article.

Ivan Karp
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Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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Published: Apr 05, 2024

| 12 mins read

How do you stay on top of all your social media marketing tasks? What connects social media, CRM and the development of your business? Why is social media important in CRM? Let’s grow your brand together with the FindMyCRM Team. 

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What connects social media, CRM and the development of your business and brand?

With the development of technology social media has become more popular. In the XXI century social media became an integral part of people’s everyday life. In 2020 about 4.48 billion people use social media. Nowadays CRM is one of the main parts of business marketing. It helps companies to collect data about customer behavior through open social channels. Additionally it provides information about people’s priorities that allows them to optimize business strategy for the next period. If you connect social media with appropriate CRM you will develop your business qualitatively and will grow your brand faster. 

Why is social media important in CRM?

CRM is the tool which helps businesses communicate with people. Companies can stay in touch with customers using the most appropriate tools – social media, chat or email. Popularity of social media provides businesses the best platform for advertising and data collection which in turn gives the opportunity to change management strategy and optimize it. Consequently, CRM has a positive impact on brand equity and increases the popularity of these brands. Additionally, due to optimization processes in business strategy it also decreases the cost of advertising and in turn increases the company’s profit. For more information see the article What is CRM. A Beginner’s Guide to CRM Software.

The role of CRM software

CRM software is the platform which collects data about customers using social media. These software follow clients behavior and update it each time. CRM also helps businesses collect, organize, and analyze customer data to build better relationships.

All social media such as Instagram, Facebook or twitter etc. have hundreds of millions of users. Managing multiple accounts is a very difficult task that is why small or growing companies are not able to operate everything with the lack of “free employees”. There are multiple CRM software nowadays but all of them are different as there is not any CRM standard that is why each platform has its own benefits. 

There are 8 best Social Media Management Software:

  1. Sprout Social – is the best software because it has various tools and balance between all of them.
sprout social
  1. Buffer – is the cheapest platform for companies which are not able to spend a lot of money on CRM.
  1. Sendible – is the best integration software. It post the same massage in social channels which help customer to pay attention on specific brand
  1. Loomly – is the best platform for a large team. It not only has a fixed package but also provides a custom one for big companies with the opportunity to choose the number of users, amount of social accounts and Ad budget cap.
  1. Zoho – is the best all-in-one tool software. The main benefits of this platform is the number of tools provided in 1 package. 
  1. SocialPilot – is the best software for a small team. It provides a big amount of social media accounts for a cheaper price but with less tools compared to other software. 
  1. Hootsuite – best platform for analytics. It has a unique options “schedule post in advance” which is changed depending on present data analysis  
  1. MeetEdgar – best software for automation. This platform requires less effort to use because all posts automatically update. 

Cost Matter

SproutSocial – best overall

  1. SproutSocial Standard 89 $/user/month billed annually – perfect for growing small business – 5 social profiles; social content calendar; profiles, keywords and location monitoring; group, profile and post-level reporting; paid promotion tools to boost Facebook posts. 
  2. SproutSocial Professional 149 $/user/month billed annually – great choice for a huge business – include everything in standard plus: competitive reports for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; scheduling for optimal send times; trend analysis for Twitter keywords and hashtags.
  3. SproutSocial Advanced 249 $/user/month billed annually – most complete CRM with the biggest number of tools – everything in professional plus: Digital asset and content library, Chatbots with automation tools, Saved and suggested replies, Automated Link Tracking

Hootsuite – best for analytics 

  1. Hootsuite Professional 49 $ / month – best for analytics in small company – 1 user, 10 social accounts, schedule unlimited post, schedule post in advance
  2. Hootsuite Team 129 $ / month – great choice for middle size companies – include everything in professional plus: 3 users, 20 social accounts, manage team access and roles permission.
  3. Hootsuite Business 729 $ / month – excellent choice for big companies – include everything in “Team” plus: 5 users, 35 social accounts, review messages before they publish, 24 / 7 priority support

Zoho – best all-in-one tool

  1. Zoho Standard 10 € /month billed annually – best all-in-one tool for small companies – 1 brand, 1 team member, Facebook pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter Profiles, Instagram Business Profiles.
  2. Zoho professional 30 € / month billed annually – best value for a big company – include everything from standard plus features: livestream, CustomQ, repeat posting, mute&block accounts, Instagram first comment.

MeetEdgar – best for automation

  1. MeetEdgar lite 19 $ / month –3 social accounts, unlimited schedule posts, 10 weekly automations, 4 content categories, 20 team members.
  2. MeetEdgar Edgar 49 $ / month – include 25 social accounts, unlimited schedule posts, 1000 weekly automations, unlimited customizable content categories, 20 team members.

Loomly – best for large team collaboration 

  1. Loomly base 26 $ / month – include 2 users, 10 social accounts, unlimited content, hashtag suggestions.
  2. Loomle standard 59 $ / month – include everything in “base” plus: 6 users, 20 social accounts, advanced analytics content export, IM integration
  3. Loomly advanced 129 $ / month – include everything from “standard” plus: 14 users, 35 social accounts, custom role, custom workflow. 

Sendible – best integration software 

  1. Sendible creator 29 $ / month – for getting started – 1 user, 6 social profiles, one click report.
  2. Sendible traction 89 $ / month – for small agencies & brands – 4 users, 24 social profiles, one click report.
  3. Sendible scale 199 $ / month – good choice for growing agencies & brands – 7 users, 49 social profiles, build 14 custom reports
  4. Sendible expansion 399 $ / month – the best integration tool for large teams and agencies – 15 users, 105 social profiles, build 45 custom reports.

Buffer – budget tool

  1. Buffer free – good choice for individuals – up to 3 channels, basic public tools, landing page builder.
  2. Buffer essential 5 $ / month – advanced version of “free” – planning and publishing tools, analytics, engagement tools, landing page builder.

SocialPilot – best for small teams

  1. SocialPilot professional 30 $ / month – 1 user, 10 social media 
  2. SocialPilot small team 50 $ / month – 3 user, 25 social media, unlimited clients
  3. SocialPilot studio 100 $ / month – 5 user 50 social media, unlimited clients 
  4. SocialPilot agency 150 $ / month – 10 user 75 social media, unlimited clients, white label

How do you stay on top of all your social media marketing tasks? 

Social networks began to be actively used by businesses for marketing and sales. The integration of the opportunity of social networks with the capabilities of local networks of companies has led to the development needs of high quality social media software. It allows company employees to share knowledge and experience, quickly find the necessary documents, create joint projects and work together. All these functions are implemented freely, without administrative restrictions, based on the use of social networking mechanisms.

social media software

The best social media software helps you to take control of your social media presence. You’re able to easily control all your accounts, so you can focus on growing your brand.To stay on top of all you social media marketing tasks we set out some advice to manage your business. Do not forget about world development. There are many benefits of a CRM system, which can grow your customer relationship management. Different audiences will prefer different kinds of content. In general, it should be noted that customer relationship management and the basic principles of work in social networks are similar. Both CRM and social networking, with the right approach, support personalized communication with the audience and effectively manage the relationship with it. Follow the CRM trends and stay on the top.

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Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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