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TOP 7 Sales CRM and Reasons Why You Need One

By using a good CRM, you can effectively ensure that your business has the best possible relationship with its customers at every step of the way. Here are some of the top sales crm for small businesses that you should consider.

Ivan Karp
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Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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Published: Apr 05, 2024

| 21 mins read

Sales are the main engine of any type of business, and the well-being of the company depends on their efficiency. Automation of business processes facilitates the acquisition of new customers and therefore has become a serious advantage of using CRM applications. CRM systems that integrate and automate company processes improve work results, increase productivity and stability.

Why use sales CRM?

CRM for sales management is a tool that allows you to structure data, process a large flow of information, analyze and compile tasks. A CRM system for the sales department is a necessary tool that allows the company to grow, make a profit and become even better. Automation of many processes, management of the sales funnel, communication with customers - these are only small opportunities that open up after the implementation of CRM for sales managers. Use modern technologies and tools for trading and develop the company efficiently.


Benefits of using a sales CRM software

Software for sales reps performs many tasks. Among them are customer accounting, sales management, various analytical functions, document management and many others.The use of crm for sales will allow you to shorten the processing time of customer applications, improve the organization of work processes, reduce the number of cases of information loss and, as a result, significantly increase the overall results of the company's work and allow you to take the business to a new level.

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Optimization of the sales department

Due to the optimization of the work process, more time is freed up for managers, there are more loyal customers who are satisfied with the speed of processing orders, and therefore, sales increase. If we speak in numbers, CRM for sales team allows you to increase the volume of sales by 50% and double the speed of work of the management team.

Creating a sales funnel

Create a sales funnel for your business to close deals faster. Best CRM for sales reps will allow you to work with the client according to a proven scenario: advise, eliminate objections, encourage, accompany the transaction from the purchase request to delivery. Customize email marketing to streamline team work and automate customer communications.

Deal management

Sales CRM software allows you to optimize work within the company between departments, units and employees.Thanks to this, management and staff receive effective tools for accounting and organizing interaction. There is an opportunity to set up the task setting service. Your employees know what to do and do what is necessary - you establish the order of actions, stable connections and the final goal for the stages of the deal, using ready-made business processes: in the CRM system, they form an approach and a regulation of actions regarding the opening of the deal, its promotion through sales funnels and tracking changes and tasks. Everything is aimed at a potential deal. From the first contact to the signing of the contract, on the basis of which the "sales funnel" is formed. Transaction management is organized so that as many of them as possible end in payment.



The toolkit for building analytics is one of the main functional advantages of sales management systems, which allows you to form, in fact, any slice of data necessary for making management decisions. The report and chart builder, advanced search tools and view management allow you to analyze the conversion of sales milestones, as well as profitability by customer segments, geography, performers, divisions, periods, products or campaigns.

The implementation of CRM tools for sales and the automation of customer-related business processes can significantly increase the company's profit. Using such products has other advantages, including:

  • rational distribution of labor resources;
  • saving the time of each application;
  • maximum transparency of the work of the sales department;
  • control of the execution of orders and the activities of employees;
  • the ability to record and analyze the movement of orders;
  • convenience of planning and the possibility of revenue forecasting;
  • availability of a single base of buyers and counterparties;
  • increasing customer loyalty.

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How to choose your sales CRM software

Before using the system, you need to decide what you expect from CRM. The functionality of the software will depend on it. Do you need a CRM? Yes, if your company has a vertical structure with different departments that need to work in synergy with each other. This is especially true for a sales department with a large base and flow of customers who are actively working with the sales funnel. The CRM system for sales will allow you to build long-term relationships and use all possible communication channels to attract new and retain existing customers.

It is also important to pay attention to the goals set by the company and choose a CRM system based on them.

It can be difficult for company managers and business owners to choose the optimal software product on their own. And mistakes in choosing a solution can lead to irrational use of resources, confusion in data and additional costs. In order to avoid such a result and choose the optimal solution for the enterprise, it is important:

  • create a list of business goals;
  • analyze the current state of business processes and the needs of the company (for example, the automation of marketing or sales management is necessary);
  • determine who will work with the system;
  • determine the necessary functionality (for example, the application and agreement accounting module or the designer of standard documents);
  • evaluate the technical capabilities of computers;
  • consult with specialists regarding implementation;
  • decide on a budget for automation.

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7 Best CRM for Sales Teams

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is a CRM software solution designed to integrate with your Gmail account and Google services. It is an excellent platform for small startups and fast-growing companies. NetHunt is ideal for small and large businesses, and even freelancers. It is supported by many devices including Apple, Android, Windows and Mac. It provides both real-time customer support and email support during business hours.



It's easy to use and starts working in minutes. It can be used very easily by both beginners and professionals and helps in building great customer relationships.

  • Unified CRM in Gmail
  • Native G Suite integration
  • Simplified sales process
  • Personalized campaigns
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Quick deployment and set up


In NetHunt, synchronization is one-way - you can import contacts from Google, but not back. There is no scheduling of tasks for the day.


They provide flexible and cheap price plans, so you don`t have to worry about not having enough money to improve your CRM. In fact, they have a basic plan that is free to use. The plan for a team of 5 costs $25 per month.

A plan for a team of 10 costs $100 per month.

Learn more

Pipedrive CRM 

Pipedrive is a platform that provides small sales teams with the ability to manage deals, get in-depth sales reports and identify the priority enhancement areas. Pipedrive encourages activity-based selling with deal-driven workflows that keep your sales staff on-task.



Other sales features include custom pipelines, smart reporting, and an AI assistant.  All of this functionality is available through the mobile app, a great feature for both sales teams and small businesses. Pipedrive is also one of the most affordable platforms, making it an excellent CRM for small businesses. 


Pipedrive is not a comprehensive CRM.  The sales focus means you won’t find much here for your customer service or marketing teams. However, you can add this functionality through the purchase of integrations, like Zendesk or Mailchimp. Other shortcomings include the lack of a free version, plus, Pipedrive uses its own branding in emails and webforms under the Essentials Plan. 


The solution provides you with 3 paid plans and offers you the next functionality:

  • Silver – $10/month/billed annually – includes most sales management features, such as 2GB storage per each user, live chat and email support and full API access.
  • Gold – $24/month/billed annually – contains full sales management features adding to mentioned options new ones, for example, full email sync, ability to add products sold by your company (costs, codes, costs to produce, etc.), 5GB storage, customizable email templates.
  • Platinum – $63/month.billed annually – provides full sales management opportunities plus 100GB storage, phone, live chat and email support, higher API rate (400 requests for 10 seconds), advanced speed and reliability (separate server only for your data).

Learn more



RetailCRM is focused on fast and bulk sales, making the work of managers as easy as possible. You no longer need to maintain a bunch of Google docs - sales, orders, logistics, build reports for hours, do red tape for 10 minutes and write something else on a piece of paper.

The system is suitable for stores of any size: from beginners to giants with tens of thousands of orders per month.



RetailCRM can please with many more features, so let's just list the most interesting ones:

  • Pop-up "agent" on the site, if a new client wants to leave the site;
  • Two-way integration with Google Analytics - the system receives views, and gives back orders made by phone;
  • Integration with 1C. Managers do not need to duplicate orders in 1C, everything happens automatically;
  • Automatic distribution of orders among managers;
  • Tasks and reminders for managers;
  • Remains of goods in warehouses;
  • Package Tracking;
  • Many different settings for customer segmentation;
  • Discount cards, cumulative discounts;
  • Shows customers on the site and their actions;
  • Combine orders and clients;
  • Fine-tuning rights for different user groups.


There is not enough full analysis of advertising companies.


  •  $119 USD monthly for the initial user at each location 
  •  $99 USD monthly for each additional user per location.

Sugar CRM

The basic features of SugarCRM are similar to most other CRMs aimed at small businesses and startups. Its difference is great opportunities for custom manual settings. If you have a strong development team at your disposal, SugarCRM is the perfect choice.

For independent development, the service provides many resources, including tutorials and technical documentation. In addition, you will find reliable and really helpful technical support here.



  • Unlimited integration via open API
  • An active and open community of developers
  • Reliable means of reporting and management


Number of users. Paid versions of the system require at least ten users to work, which limits the use of the system in small organizations. The maximum number of users is not stipulated and is determined by the technical capabilities of the IT infrastructure.


SugarCRM costs start at $52 per user per month and can be as high as $1,000 per month.

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EngageBay is a straightforward and powerful all-in-one CRM that provides a comprehensive solution for marketing automation, sales CRM, helpdesk, CRM for social media marketing and even live chat. It's a tool designed for agencies that need to centralize the processes of acquiring, engaging, nurturing, and converting web visitors in a single location.

Key features

  • Email marketing; email sequences; landing pages; web forms for online lead capture
  • 360-degree view of the customer across marketing, sales, and support departments
  • Scheduling appointments



  • All-in-one package
  • Developed for SMBs
  • CRM, helpdesk, and live chat are all free.
  • Pricing tailored to SMBs
  • CRM solution that is all-inclusive
  • The platform for integrated marketing
  • Customer service that is simple but effective
  • dependable assistance


  • Limited landing pages templates
  • Some missing features like Google Meets


For up to 1,000 contacts and 1,000 branded emails, this CRM is free. Paid plans are preferable if you manage contacts from multiple clients. The Basic plan costs $8.99 per user per month for up to 15,000 contacts, while the Growth plan costs $29.99 per user per month for up to 50,000 contacts. However, for large agencies that require an unlimited number of contacts, the Pro plan ($47.99 per user/month) is the best option.

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amoCRM is a set of tools for the sales department. The service includes transaction accounting and a client database. The program can be used without installation or through mobile applications.

amoCRM is intended for sales managers who need to establish a scheme of interaction with customers and facilitate planning.

The CRM differentiates itself by putting messaging at the heart of its service. In a visual sense, the system is intuitive and easily adjusted to the needs of the company and the needs of the client.



  • Web forms and landing pages
  • Sales funnel for reporting and increasing sales
  • Accounting of calls from PBX
  • History of interaction with the client
  • Email newsletters
  • Saving filters
  • Backup data


Disadvantages of the system are also available, but their presence makes little difference compared to its advantages. Platform analytics is the most common and standard, including only four types of reports. The system is more suitable for the analysis of data from websites and social networks, but the analytics of e-mail communication are not complete here.


  • Base: $15 per user, per month 
  • Advanced: $25 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: $45 per user, per month 

Learn more

Redtail CRM

Redtail CRM is a web-based customer relationship management application designed exclusively for financial professionals.

Redtail focuses on making customer data available anywhere, anytime. This CRM has deep connections with the financial services industry. Intuitive and user-friendly software is used by financial advisors and financial management firms to track their clients' data and the activities they perform for their clients. Redtail strives to optimize work processes and automate customer management.



  • You can quickly add new contacts, opportunities, notes, documents, and more using the Quick Add feature - simply click the plus sign icon.
  •  It integrates with dozens of financial applications, creating a central platform for all your financial data.
  • Contact Management Redtail can manage a constant stream of communication with your clients from several channels.
  • The CRM automatically records and archives all SMS conversations. 


Redtail is a highly specialized CRM for financial services. As such, it lacks a lot of customization options. Although the basic configuration of the dashboard will be convenient and simple for most users, there are no options for customizing it. 

Learn more

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Sales is a complex process consisting of many stages and steps. Users have to consider a lot of factors, work with a lot of information, analyze it, structure it and properly manage it. CRM for sales agents helps improve employee management processes, monitors company activity, simplifies work with documents and accounting. Suitable for both retail and wholesale trade.

There are many different CRMs. Each of them has features, the study of which will allow you to make the right choice. We talked in detail about seven services that we consider the most interesting and convenient.

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Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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