What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is made by sales reps for sales reps–and this shines through the entire platform. The drag-and-drop interface and foolproof menus mean your team can focus on selling—not software. There are also loads of features to speed up the sales cycle, such as pipeline management, salesforce automation, and an AI-powered assistant. Plus, you can keep an eye on sales, customers, and reps on the go with the Pipedrive app.

Ease of Use

Adjusting to new software can be difficult, and Pipedrive understands this. They keep the CRM platform simple by focusing on just one thing–sales. You don`t have a ton of options distracting you from that core mission. This makes for a clean UI that is easy to learn and use.

Between the easy interface and the Pipedrive Assistant, users can navigate the system right out of the box, making Pipedrive one of the best CRMs in terms of time to value (TTV).

Pipeline Management

If your business is juggling different brands and products, Pipedrive allows you to create multiple pipelines. Not only that, you can customize the stages of each pipeline, too. This CRM software doesn`t rope you into a one-size-fits-all approach to sales.

Each stage appears with a win probability and a timeline for rotting. But, you can adjust all of these features to match your own sales process.

Automation of Sales Tasks

Pipedrive eliminates a lot of the mundane tasks associated with sales. It comes with 29 workflow templates, which automate a series of tasks based upon a certain trigger. For example, every time you qualify a lead, a follow-up email can be sent automatically. If you need additional workflow templates, you can custom-build your own.

AI-powered Sales Assistance

Pipedrive doesn`t just automate menial, repetitive activities. It can handle a lot of your managerial tasks too. The Sales Assistant is always operating in the background, analyzing sales data. It uses this data to direct your sales reps to the next best step. For example, if an opportunity is rotting in a stage of the pipeline, the Sales Assistant will notify your rep and suggest an action. No manager could apply this intense focus to every member of the sales team. But with the power of AI, Pipedrive can.


Many CRMs offer an overwhelming number of reports. It`s easy to get lost in the weeds of too many data points. Rest assured, you won`t have this problem with Pipedrive. They`ve whittled down your options to the eight metrics salespeople need most often:

Deal PerformanceDeal ConversionFunnel ConversionWin/loss ConversionDeal DurationDeal ProgressRevenue ForecastActivities Performance

In addition to being viewed as reports, you can display all of the above KPIs on your dashboard. Sales reps and management can see a snapshot of sales performance at any time.