What is SharpSpring?

Sharpspring takes a customer friendly approach to marketing automation. It offers an innovative marketing platform that`s easy to use and more affordable than many other martech solutions. It also ticks a lot of the boxes for sales teams, with an automated dialer, pipeline management, and lead management. This CRM works out of the box, and focuses on SMBs and digital marketing teams. Hundreds of martech integrations mean you can continue using your favorite tools. The dozens of features could be confusing, but SharpSpring manages to create a straightforward and efficient user experience. Customization and Ease of Use The customization options set SharpSpring apart from many other marketing automation tools.

You can customize the branding across emails and landing pages, even if you manage dozens of clients. Pipeline stages can be fine tuned to your sales process. And you can include custom fields to ensure your prospects and clients easily map onto your sales and marketing processes. The software is widely praised for it`s ease of use and highly visual layout. Despite a mountain of features, the tools flow together with ease. SharpSpring also integrates widely with other marketing tools, and solves the problem of trying to get dozens of different technologies to talk to each other.

Marketing Tools At its heart, SharpSpring is a marketing CRM. It`s suitable for small companies looking to scale as well as marketing agencies. Some of the marketing tools include:

Automation: The platform provides a wealth of automation tools. Luckily, they couldn`t be easier to use thanks to Streak`s visual workflow builder. You can organize the customer journey using branching logic. The system then automatically sends each prospect on the right marketing path for them.

Visitor ID: You can track leads as they navigate your page. SharpSpring measures indicators such as product and page views, time on page, and lead source. You can use this information to score leads. The data can also be used to engage clients when they`re most likely to buy.

SharpSpring can send a notification when a prospect becomes active on your site. Dynamic landing pages: Information collected through your website or contained in the client record is used to create dynamic landing pages. Depending on the buyer’s preferences, the landing page automatically changes to appeal to the individual. For example, a skiing enthusiast might receive a landing page with snowy mountains. Lead scoring: You can prioritize leads according to your parameters - email opens, time spent in the sales funnel, answered phone calls, and so on. Once you define your criteria, SharpSpring will automatically calculate a lead score for every contact. The system can email a list of your hottest leads every morning.

Prospects who are still being nurtured can be automatically assigned to the appropriate buyer personas, then routed to the right marketing campaign. Scores are dynamic, meaning the CRM continuously updates the score based on ongoing prospect behaviors. Smart Mail: The days of depersonalized email blasts are over. Consumers just don`t respond to generic communications. SharpSpring analyzes customer data to tell you the right time to send, and the right message for a prospect`s customer journey. The CRM boasts high deliverability rates due to their diligence in keeping the shared IPs clean.

You can have confidence your beautifully crafted email lands in an inbox vs. a SPAM folder. Email templates: You can browse the library of email templates. They`re fully customizable so you can create identifiable branding for yourself and your clients.

Social media management: SharpSpring can pull in social information based on their email address and follow the leads to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can publish content on the fly, or schedule your posts months in advance with their social media planner. Have items post during the times your audience is most engaged, or target specific locations or demographics. You can also measure marketing KPI and quickly pivot if your social campaign isn`t converting.

Form builders: You can use the platforms drag and drop tools to create webforms in just minutes. Any information collected automatically syncs to the CRM and client record. Sales Tools Marketing is SharpSpring`s strong suit. However, it offers enough sales features to make it a comprehensive solution. Sales teams will find an abundance of resources too, such as:

Life of the lead: Life of the lead offers a quick visual breakdown of client interactions. You`ll see a timeline with clear icons marking each interaction. For example, a paper airplane means an email was sent and an opened envelope means the email was viewed. Simply click on an icon to see more detailed information about the interaction. It`s a unique and eye-catching representation of how successful your outreach has been. Is your timeline full of paper planes? Perhaps you`ve moved the spam folder. Other icons include website visits, social media interactions, chatbot conversations, and calls.

Sales Optimizer: You can automate many of the repetitive steps in your sales process, such as the creation of opportunities, tasks, and actions. The system can also deliver reports on automated tasks so managers and staff stay in the loop.

Sales pipelines: You can customize your sales pipeline and view progress on a Kanban style board with movable tiles. Sales data can be easily exported and transformed into visual, easy-to-understand reports and charts.

Integrated dialer: SharpSpring comes with integrated dialing for one-click dialing, automated call recording, and searchable transcription features.


  • Marketing Automation
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Visitor ID
  • Social Media Management
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Channel Management
  • Contact Database
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Database
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Dynamic Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Triggered Actions
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms


  • Free trial - yes
  • Small Business - $399 per month, paid annually
  • Enterprise - contact vendor
  • Agency - contact vendor


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  • Help Desk
  • FAQs
  • Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
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  • Training