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10 Best Automobile CRM Software for Car Dealers in 2023

Finding the best automobile CRM software for dealership management is no easy task. Check out our article to choose the perfect one!

Published: Dec 25, 2022

| Last updated on Mar 06, 2023

| 23 mins read

The automotive CRM: What Is It?

The dealership CRM is software designed primarily for auto dealerships to manage their interactions and relationships with both current and potential consumers.

Automotive CRMs also allow car dealers to monitor their communication with customers via various touchpoints, including phone calls, emails, contact forms, search engines, and social media.

Benefits of Automobile CRM Software

CRM has advantages for the auto industry that are similar to other industries. It enables dealerships to market their showroom and generate new leads. It assists automotive sales representatives in nurturing those leads through the funnel's lifecycle. Customer service is another area where automotive CRM can be helpful.

Car dealerships can provide certain features. These include tracking vehicle maintenance and inventory management. Sales representatives and clients can streamline auto financing or lease terms with desking tools. OEM features are used to manage original equipment manufacturing. It connects manufacturers with third-party dealers.  Credit checks, document management, and paper document scanners are additional dealer management system (DMS) features.

Dealerships need to use a specialized CRM. Regardless of whether they are an official car brand dealer or a used car dealership. Perhaps more than other commodities, car sales depend on repeat customers. Auto dealer CRM helps dealerships build long, loyal relationships with their clients.

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10 Best Automotive CRM Software

We analyzed some of the top auto CRMs on the market to help you choose the best one for your auto business. 

1. Salesforce


Salesforce is a well-known CRM for its features like strong analytics, automation, customizations, and contact management capabilities. In addition to these powerful general features, it provides tools specifically designed to market certain cars to potential customers and even enable them to buy the particular car they desire. Personalized resources and service reminders can be sent after the sale,  all while storing ownership, service history, and other details within each customer's CRM contact record.

Prime Features:

  • Purchasing Platform: Customers can use chat support to purchase and customize a vehicle.
  • After-Sales Engagement: Send personalized resources, information, and service reminders.
  • Advanced Reporting: Create dashboards and reports based on your most important metrics.
  • Relevant Integrations: Salesforce AppExchange provides apps that are specialized for the automobile industry.


  • Essentials: $25 per user, each month
  • Professional: $75 per user, each month
  • Enterprise: $150 per user, each month
  • Unlimited: $300 per user, each month


  • Automotive-focused arm
  • A general CRM with many features
  • Powerful reporting and dashboards


  • Some dealerships find it too complex
  • The setup process can take a long time
  • Customer service might be better
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monday’s auto dealership CRM software encourages the formation of trustful long-term relationships with clients.  Using's fully customizable CRM for automotive, regardless of how clients look for their next vehicle, you can nurture each lead and provide the best customer experience. This is due to the possibility of customizing the CRM to your business needs.

Prime Features:

  • Interaction Tracking: This feature makes it easy to keep track of customer interactions, schedule follow-ups, and measure efficiency over time.
  • Lead Management: It allows users to track and manage their leads in one location. Users can add lead details, like contact information and car choices, and then track the progress of each lead. The software also has follow-up and reporting tools, which make it simple to keep track of your leads.


  • Free CRM: Up to 2 team members, 1,000 contacts, $0 per seat each month
  • Basic CRM: $10 per seat each month
  • Standard CRM: $14 per seat each month
  • Pro CRM: $24 per seat each month


  • Navigable user interface
  • Designed for multiple users
  • The software is flexible and easy to use


  • Per-user pricing plans 
  • Has missing functionalities
  • Difficult to access certain files 

3. Dealer Socket


Try Dealer Socket if you're looking for a CRM system that is well-known and used by business giants. Dealer Socket, which is used by popular automakers like Toyota and Kia, provides a wide range of online services for managing automobile dealerships, such as CRM, DMS, equity mining, inventory management, etc. One of the best features of this CRM for auto dealers is that it enables you to have a discovery call with an expert before moving to the next step.

Prime Features:

  • Automation: You can arrange repetitive tasks so they are done without your support.
  • Personalization: By making the entire experience for your leads more personalized to their needs, you can double your chances of closing a deal and increase your ROI.
  • Better Communication: Don't even wait for a second to serve your customers. Dealer Socket gives you the ability to contact your clients quickly regardless of the device you choose.
  • Dealer Socket Team: Say you require additional assistance. If so, you can easily get in touch with the Dealer Socket team to ask for assistance with operations, marketing, or products.


On its website, this CRM for automotive industry does not list its pricing. For further information and a personalized quote, contact Dealer Socket`s sales team.


  • Trusted by world leaders
  • Discovery call feature
  • Automated processes for repetitive tasks
  • Additional assistance for the team


  • Lacks a free trial or plan

4. Liveperson Automotive


It's difficult to sell a car without a skilled salesperson that persuades potential customers to make a purchase. In today's world where customers are increasingly making their purchases online, the lack of a salesperson frequently makes it more difficult to close the deal. The seamless real-time live chat service provided by this CRM for car dealers enables your team to communicate with potential clients more effectively and close deals more quickly.

Prime Features:

  • Fast & Real-time Chat: Use Liveperson Automotive's fast and real-time chats instead of boring, long emails.
  • Add media files: Textual information alone is often not enough to persuade a customer. You can also add pictures and videos using Liveperson Automotive to impress potential customers.
  • Trade-in Value Check: One of the most crucial aspects of buying a new car is the trade-in value. Kelly Blue Book and TradePending are fully integrated with Liveperson Automotive to provide reliable trade-in value data.


Liveperson Automotive generally shares its pricing on request.


  • Easy to set up
  • Offers a free demo
  • Smart chat system
  • Easy trade-in value check with seamless integration


  • Functions are limited to customer chat

5. Pro Max


The main goal of Pro Max - this CRM in automotive industry is to increase automobile sales at your dealership and secure more loyal customers. In order to achieve this, it streamlines workflow and optimizes dealership management so you can concentrate more on providing a better customer experience. You can use Pro Max to create websites, track calls, manage inventory, generate leads, and do other activities in addition to basic CRM functions.

Prime Features:

  • Multi-source Lead Tracking: Keeping track of your leads manually is practically impossible. Therefore,  Pro Max provides consistent and automatic tracking from many sources.
  • Follow-Ups: Are you concerned about missing out on important leads? Create automated follow-ups to connect with them quickly and solve their problems.
  • Instant Marketing: Every touchpoint with your lead gives a marketing opportunity. To maximize your lead generation, use integrated e-brochures from Pro Max.
  • Pro Max Team Support:  The Pro Max staff would gladly offer their help if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work.


On its website, this CRM software for car dealerships doesn't show its pricing. However, you can contact the company's team to schedule a free demonstration and get a custom quote.


  • Boost lead generation
  • Monitor calls and leads from all sources
  • With e-brochures, improve your marketing game
  • Strong support from the Pro Max team 


  • Options for display adjustment are limited

6. Selly Automotive


Selly Automotive is a well-liked customer relationship management and communication software for independent car dealerships that manages internet inquiries on call, email, and text. It is well known for its cutting-edge approach to digital marketing for auto brands. Currently, it serves Powersports, RV, BHPH, independent, and small dealers.

Prime Features:

  • Manage Communication: If your company has a website, you will certainly receive calls, texts, and emails from customers with questions. Try using Selly Automotive's unified dashboard to access all the data in one location if managing them becomes overwhelming.
  • Autoresponder: You can automate responses to emails and text messages with this CRM dealership`s feature.
  • Call Routing: Use Selly Automative's intelligent call routing tool to automatically direct each incoming call to the appropriate salesperson.
  • Follow-up Work Plan: Follow up with potential customers on time to generate twice as many leads.


Selly Automotive announces its pricing only after you`ve attended its product demo.


  • Friendly customer service
  • Extensive CRM features
  • Robust automation features


  • Too many app notifications 

7. Izmocars


A car dealership is not a straightforward business. In order to work effectively, the company needs many apps and external assistance. While CRM is a crucial component of your auto dealership, look for a program that provides all the functionalities your business will ever require. And Izmocars provides a wide range of these features.

Prime Features:

  • Lead consolidation: This car dealership CRM helps you gather all of your leads from different sources and store them in one, central location.
  • Better Communication: Whether you like to communicate via text message, call, email, or social media, Izmocars can help you manage your leads in the channels of your choice.
  • Customer Data: To better understand your customers, Izmocars keeps a record of their personal information and past interactions with your company.
  • Web analytics: This Izmocars feature will assist you in learning more about what attracts users to visit your website, what drives them away, who likes your content, and how long they stay there.


You need to get in touch with Izmocars' sales team to receive a personalized price because the company's pricing is not listed on its website.


  • Comprehensive web analytics
  • Stores customer information
  • Consolidates leads from various sources
  • Simplifies interactions with customers


  • Automation in CRM is not mentioned 
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8. Autoraptor


Autoraptor is an all-in-one CRM solution that helps you track every step of your automobile sales process by managing leads, automating the sales process, or monitoring your performance with dynamic insights. The excellent customer service offered by this CRM for a car dealership is one of its best features. Additionally, the Autoraptor team makes onboarding for your team simpler by providing on-demand training sessions.

Prime Features:

  • Scheduling & Reminders: You can help your team become more productive by customizing workflows, scheduling automated notifications and reminders, and creating unique action plans.
  • Text Messaging: Instead of sending emails, think about using Autoraptor's extremely quick text messaging to communicate with your customers.
  • Custom Templates: Use customized templates to keep your emails attractive and informative.
  • Smart Filters: It may seem impossible to find specific client information among a large amount of customer data, but Autoraptor's smart filters make it possible. You can quickly sift through tons of customer data based on interest and status.


This auto sales CRM software doesn't provide clear pricing information. To learn more, get in touch with their team.


  • Boosts team performance
  • Customized email templates
  • A quick search with smart filters 


  • The mobile app's functionalities are quite limited

9. VinSolutions


Although different car dealers face various difficulties, VinSolutions has been professionally designed to solve all of them. VinSolutions will help your company in its marketing, inventory management, and desking endeavors in addition to its leading CRM tool. To learn more about the features of this car sales CRM software, you can schedule a free demo with the VinSolutions team.

Prime Features:

  • Instant Connection With Customers: VinSolutions's mobile application, Connect Mobile, allows you to instantly connect with your team and leads from anywhere in the world.
  • Data-driven: Get detailed sales reports and data on each lead you generate so you can make informed decisions with precision.
  • Data Security: To prevent online attackers from compromising your important business information, centralize all content and keep it updated in your document library.
  • Team Accountability: VinSolutions enables you to monitor and record every conversation that happens between your team and a client. This enhances team member accountability and ultimately results in a perfect user experience.


Like most other CRM in automobile industry on our list, VinSolutions believes in understanding your business needs better before quoting a price. 


  • Excellent data security
  • Improves client satisfaction
  • Increases team accountability


  • Poor app onboarding and training assistance 

10. Elead CRM


Elead CRM is a high-rated CRM car dealership software that includes tools for sales, marketing, and customer support that are designed specifically to help car dealers in building strong relationships with their customers. Use data mining tools to identify which prospects are ready to purchase to contact them at the right time. Communicate with leads using their preferred method (phone, text, email, or in-person), allow them easily schedule their appointments, and send follow-ups prompted by alerts.

Prime Features:

  • DMS Integrations: Connects with all main DMS and third-party providers for useful insight.
  • Communication Overview: All calls are logged, recorded, and mapped within leads' contact records.
  • Multi-Point Inspection: Prompt a detailed check during every visit for each of your clients.
  • Desking: Offer presentations to customers through payment matrix and trade evaluations.


You can call Elead`s team to get a quote and also schedule a free demo.


  • Information is simple to find
  • Powerful desking features
  • Proprietary business tools


  • Few agents can be active at once 
  • Prone to duplicate entries
  • Issues with slowness & latency
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Summary: Best Automotive CRM

Car dealer CRM software enables businesses to effectively manage their interactions with customers. These platforms can help dealerships and similar businesses close more deals by providing them with the industry-specific CRM tools they require. The top ten car CRMs on our list offer useful tools and resources to help you sell and interact with customers. Check them out and pick the one that will work best for you!

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Why is CRM necessary for the automobile industry?

Automobile dealers can automate their reminders for vehicle servicing, renewing insurance, giving discounts, or creating new offers for customers using one of  automotive CRM systems. The sales team at an automaker benefits greatly from CRM software because it helps them communicate with clients better by personalizing their experience, monitoring sales, etc.

What are the main aims of automotive CRM software?

A CRM tool's primary objective is to help car businesses find new leads. CRM software also assists auto dealers in managing their interactions with both current and potential clients. Automotive CRM solutions also help automakers increase efficiency and reduce costs by streamlining operations like sales and marketing.

Why do auto dealers use CRM?

Businesses can benefit from an automotive CRM platform both before and after a sale. It will keep your client's information in one place. Your team can simultaneously access the centralized data, which may be related to sales interactions, purchase records, and possible chances of cross- and up-selling, even if your company has branches in several locations.

What should a strong automotive CRM system do?

Automotive businesses can improve customer relations and increase lead generation with one of the popular automotive CRM companies.

Which auto CRM software is the best?

Izmocars, Pro Max, and Selly Automotive are a few examples of well-known automotive CRM systems. The best CRM for auto dealerships has excellent analytics tools. You should be able to track your progress and performance in the necessary areas with the program you choose. 

Additionally, strong CRM software should enable you to manage the client lifecycle, track your calls, and personalize the customer experience. It ought to improve your sales process, automate processes, and give you regular feedback.

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