What is 1CRM?

1CRM offers affordable, feature-rich plans. Even the basic startup plan comes with advanced features, such as custom reporting, workflow automation, and lead management. The main advantage of purchasing a higher subscription tier is it removes data caps, giving you unlimited leads, contacts, accounts, and user seats. There are features for sales, marketing, customer service, plus order management and project management.

1CRM is an end-to-end platform for the entire customer lifecycle. Flexibility and customization are one of 1CRM's greatest selling points. You can customize the menu system, create unlimited custom fields, change the screen layouts, filter list views, create custom reports, and build your own dashboard. It takes a little time to set up, given all the room for adjustments. However, this translates to ease of use thereafter since the system is tailored to your business needs. 1CRM offers multichannel communication, including email, telephony, and social media. All of your touchpoints are synced to the client record. It can also integrate social media profiles into the record, plus you can contact leads without changing platforms.