What is 1CRM?

1CRM offers affordable, feature-rich plans. Even the basic startup plan comes with advanced features, such as custom reporting, workflow automation, and lead management. The main advantage of purchasing a higher subscription tier is it removes data caps, giving you unlimited leads, contacts, accounts, and user seats. There are features for sales, marketing, customer service, plus order management and project management.

1CRM is an end-to-end platform for the entire customer lifecycle. Ease of Use Flexibility and customization are one of 1CRM's greatest selling points. You can customize the menu system, create unlimited custom fields, change the screen layouts, filter list views, create custom reports, and build your own dashboard. It takes a little time to set up, given all the room for adjustments. However, this translates to ease of use thereafter since the system is tailored to your business needs. Sales Tools 1CRM offers multichannel communication, including email, telephony, and social media. All of your touchpoints are synced to the client record. It can also integrate social media profiles into the record, plus you can contact leads without changing platforms.

You can even dial from the CRM directly with telephony integration. Custom dashboards and reports keep your KPIs within view at all times. You can slice and dice your sales data and choose from a huge range of charts and graphics. You can also set automated updates, reminders, and task set to ensure everyone follows your sales process. Marketing Tools 1CRM lets you create lead generation forms and link them back to the CRM. No data entry is required--all your lead info is automatically captured. You can also integrate your telephone system to capture call records too.

You can then fold your leads into the appropriate drip campaign. Dynamic lists automatically update client tags, such as when a prospect becomes a lead. It's automatically updated in the system, and your new lead is funneled to the right marketing campaign. You can automate drip campaigns and email follow-ups. There's also the option to nurture existing customers through automated communications and scheduled newsletters. Customer Service 1CRM offers a sophisticated case management system. Any customer issues (AKA case) can be tracked from beginning to resolution. You can monitor important KPIs, like case resolution rates and average time to resolution.

It's also easy to identify problematic patterns using the tagging system. You can customize the fields to include any relevant information, from product serial numbers to attaching documents like warranties and SLAs. The case management module can also be linked to your order management, making it easy to track when parts are ordered and the estimated time of delivery. Order Management You can add unlimited custom fields in 1CRM to personalize all of your quotes, packing slips, product catalogs, and invoices. You can also integrate with most eCommerce platforms, ensuring all your orders are processed in one place and integrated with your accounting system.

This gives you a complete profile of every client too, whether they order online or with a sales rep, the data flows back to your customer profiles. Project Management 1CRM also offers tools for project tracking, budgeting, and timesheets. There are templates for common project types, or you can create one from scratch. You can track expenses against the projected revenue of a project. Plus, you can sync your timesheet to accounting and invoicing tools, ensuring you track every billable hour.