What is AgentCubed?

AgentCubed is a cloud-based solution for insurance companies that helps them manage customer relationships, leads, distribution, automated workflows, and more. Agents can use the platform to calculate premiums, compare policies, and submit applications. The customer report builder feature enables teams to streamline sales processes by analyzing data in various combinations.

AgentCubed includes a lead nurturing module, allowing agents to improve query response time by routing high-potential leads to senior agents. Text/email lead distribution, an integrated calendar, event reminders, quoting tools, a call center, and knowledge management are among the features. Users can manage lead conversions with the platform's integrated telephony, call scripting, and quoting tools. Agents can personalize products based on insurance carriers, coverage types, pricing, and other factors. Administrators can monitor marketing campaigns and policy counts using the campaign tracking functionality.

AgentCubed comes with a dashboard that enables managers to track sales processes through scoreboards, real-time system monitoring, and customizable reports. Users can create purchasing profiles for future marketing campaigns, staffing models, and agent training using post-campaign analytics features. The platform is compatible with a number of third-party applications, including Quotit, CSG Actuarial, Quomation, and RabbitApp.