What is AllClients CRM?

AllClients CRM Software is a comprehensive online contact management system. It wraps together a lot of complicated principles and capabilities into an easy-to-use online CRM software that even non-technical users can use and understand. It aids in the acquisition of customers and the scaling of best practices.

AllClients Intelligent Support enables you to contact someone who not only knows the program inside and out, but has also spent years assisting small businesses with its implementation. AllClients was created with the small company owner in mind. If you have 15 or less employees, this is the best option. Although there is no technical limit to the number of users that can be added, AllClients' cost and capabilities make it an excellent alternative for small teams. You don't have to go out and buy ten separate specialist items and find out how to get them to operate together.

AllClients allows you to access all of your clients' information on one page, personalize CRM database software to bring in useful data, and employs sales funnels to assist convert leads into prospects and finally into customers. It also sends and receives text messages from the client's contact database.

The most popular features of AllClients CRM:

  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • Document Storage
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Response Control
  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Search

Most actions may be completed with just two clicks because of the application's user-friendliness and minimalism. Marketing tools (such as newsletters, web forms, and automated workflows) are readily available; all you have to do is switch them on. This automation of critical business operations guarantees that your clients receive a prompt response that is specifically customized to their needs.

Only your Google account is supported by AllClients for hardcore outbound integration. On the other hand, developers provide an API that any other vendor may utilize to integrate their app with AllClients. 

Regrettably, you are unable to personalize the homepage, which is an extremely requested feature. There are, however, a few alternative options to personalize AllClients. To meet your specific needs, you may create custom fields and custom categories. The most beneficial customisation, on the other hand, is the one that allows you to design unique deals with phases that match your company's needs.

This is the easiest method to keep organized, create leads, and stay in touch with your customers! Despite the absence of several key modules, AllClients includes some unique modules in their stead. Given this, it may either be a perfect solution or a competent contact manager. All things considered, you'll appreciate the app's creative features and clean user interface.

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