What is amoCRM?

amoCRM is designed for SMBs with small sales teams. The CRM differentiates itself by putting messaging at the heart of its service. If you have a text-heavy sales process, amo may be the nuanced CRM solution you need. While many CRMs neglect SMS, amoCRM seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, and more. It also supports text-based advertising and bulk SMS communications. Traditional CRM functions are also available, such as lead nurturing, task assignment, sales automation, and campaign management.

Ease of Use and Customization The CRM has a sleek and modern UI that users adapt to quickly. Setup is as easy as syncing your email and messaging accounts. amoCRM will then import the contacts and begin creating customer profiles. Lead info is extracted from the messages themselves, so you don`t need to bother with manual entry. You can also integrate with dozens of apps and pull this data into the CRM record too. All clients are offered free onboarding and setup assistance. The dashboards are fully customizable with dozens of widgets to suit your business`s needs.

Choose from dozens of templates or create your own widget to get the insights you need. You can sync CRM data and third-party apps` data into the widgets, so every tool is talking to each other. Contact Management All of your communication with customers, prospects, and colleagues is housed in a central platform. In addition to managing all of your messaging app communications, amoCRM also offers one-click dialing, call logs, and record syncs. The client profiles create a complete picture of the person behind the screen. You can see contact info, plus notes, documents, interaction history, purchases, and more. amoCRM also links team messaging to the profile.

Users can hand off a client with ease and reduce the risk of duplicated effort. amoCRM also provides online chat management. AI-powered chatbots can field your most common sales and service inquiries. They can also be programmed to route the call to a human associate for critical requests or when a sales lead is hot. Collaboration Tools amoCRM offers a 2-way email sync to ensure no prospect is left rotting in your inbox. You can share your inbox with the team using amo and easily collaborate with colleagues for faster follow-up. amo also has a messaging feature, available as part of the CRM or as a separate app. Team members can message directly or create group chats. You can also communicate using lead cards and share tasks without leaving the amo app.

Lead Management Pipelines are entirely configurable, so you retain control of your sales process. You can create multiple pipelines and customize each stage. Leads enter the pipeline from all channels--email, messages, web forms, and integration with other apps. Along with capturing leads, amoCRM tracks their behavior and automatically syncs this data to the record. Phone calls, website visits, chat histories, and more get recorded automatically. If you need more info, you can purchase amo`s add-on led-scraper tool. This feature uses the web to enrich your customer profiles.

You can then set up workflows to nurture and manage leads. Based on lead behavior, task sequences can launch automatically, such as follow-up emails, appointment scheduling, and campaigns. amo also offers a notification system for when a lead moves from one deal stage to the next. Your team can take action at the right time versus pursuing a prospect after they`ve cooled. Marketing Integrations amoCRM is a sales-based CRM.

However, you can integrate with some of the most popular marketing apps, such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Twilio. Once you sync your email inbox with amo, you can create drip campaigns and newsletters. The CRM offers a decent library of templates. Alternatively, you can launch SMS campaigns on virtually any messaging platform.