What is Amtech CRM?

Amtech delivers CRM that rationalizes your operations from ERP to total automation. Raise your service ability to your customs, empower your staff to effectively perform their jobs, and boost your business profits.

Soft is cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere, providing true mobility. 


Your sales department can electronically enter pricing and sample requests using a mobile work environment. Have price requests move slowly between departments, and at the same time to keep sales apprised of its status until accomplishment. With automatic alerts, your reps stay on time and answer faster to requests and events. Improve quality and reduce pre-production cycles that make satisfying customs and improve your business.

Integrated Scheduling

Amtech’s Scheduling integrated into the CRM delivers an integrated solution that automates scheduling efforts through the main method. That considers the customers due time and date then serves the best schedule to your scheduler planted on your business needs, potential quality issues, inventory, historical run information, machine availability, and board specifications.


To take reporting and analytics to the next level, you can use Amtech’s Visual Analytics is ready to be turned on. This key arranges a data warehouse that lets you sort all multiple layers of data from multiple systems to deliver dashboards, charts, up-to-date reports, visualizations, and business performance analysis. 

Exclude the need for other report systems or expensive tools that contribute a little of what is needed for proactive business management.

Electronic Quality 

With an integrated CAPA management process, you can facilitate the management of current processes by taking events such as a simple request for credit or returned goods and expediting resolution. Alerts are served to users in screens such as customer actions, inventory items, spec and PDE, and ship-to-order. This makes the RGA & NCR process simple and quick for your team and customers while wrapping it with alerts to prevent future quality issues.

On-Premise or Cloud Hosting

We know that efficient and fast communication is key to progress in the competitive business world. Amtech CRM supports both On-Premise or Cloud hosting. With CRM existing on a web-base, customers have the option to host their environment in the cloud with web-based access. With Amtech cloud-hosting and IT services, you can provide the equipment and software from within our environment and manage and update your software, keeping your energy and focus on running your business and not your infrastructure. 

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