What is Aptean CRM?

To say Aptean CRM is a comprehensive solution is an understatement. This CRM can suit your every business need, from marketing to sales to call centers to ERP integration. While not the cheapest CRM on the market, it does eliminate the need for most other apps and integrations. You can serve your entire business from the Aptean platform. Sales Automation You can manage all your daily sales tasks throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Aptean has features for document creation and sales templates, appointment setters, quote generation, and mass email functions. You can also create customized pipelines to nurture your clients from prospect to close and beyond. Virtually all your tedious, manual tasks can be automated within Aptean. Marketing Automation Aptean creates a comprehensive marketing solution, eliminating the need for costly marketing add-ons and automation platforms. Break down audiences into highly targeted lists. Then create marketing content for every audience across every channel, from social media to email to SMS.

The marketing tools are user-friendly and work straight out of the box. Seamless collaboration with sales lets you hand off to the sales reps and fill their pipelines with ease. Highly Customizable Aptean comes equipped with tons of DIY features. You can drag and drop your way to your perfect dashboard or marketing campaign. Workflows are also built using simple, moveable tiles and tools. You’re in charge of what your CRM tools do and how they look and function. Call Center and Customer Service You can integrate Aptean CRM with their Contact Center software, for a robust all-in-one software solution. The call center suite comes with a knowledge base, call scripts, data recording, and over 30 CTI switches.

You also have control over calling queues and routing. Interactive customer service dashboards ensure you have every detail about a client, from contact history to maintenance requests. You’ll always have the relevant information and documents at hand with Aptean’s 360-degree client profiles. Tools for Managers Keep tabs on employees, whether they work in the office or remotely. You can easily translate employee data into performance charts and grade performance against metrics you defined. For instance, track how quickly customer tickets are resolved or how many new leads your reps brought in. KPIs are customizable for every department you manage. You get a window into every department in real-time and visualize your way.