What is Apto?

For commercial real estate brokers, Apto is the most used CRM and deal management software. Apto is your one-stop-shop for all the tools you need to manage your contacts, unlock more leads, close more deals, and build your business, whether you're an individual broker or part of a team.


  • Built-in Property Data
  • Contact Management
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Deal Management
  • Reports & Dashboards

Apto is the commercial real estate software of choice for nearly 10,000 brokers across the world because it organizes all of your data the way you think and applies it to the way you operate.

Apto is a CRM and deal management software aimed at commercial real estate brokers, landowners, investment agencies, and even tenants in the United States. They may manage their contacts, portfolios, property listings, and deals using this web-based cloud service from any device or location. Brokers can use auto-populated forms that take data from the CRM database to construct property listings.

The application functions as a tabbed workspace with a drag-and-drop dashboard. Users can create prospect and nurture assignments, as well as track the status of their pursuits, negotiations, and contracts. They can also view broker commissions and pipeline phases reports, as well as active lease and sale pipelines, revenue, and top achievers. Apto provides a map-based overview of properties, as well as property listing tools and custom report choices. Thanks to connectors that allow users to communicate with one another quickly, users can coordinate their tasks via text and Whatsapp.

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