What is Avature CRM?

Avature is a talent acquisition and management enterprise SaaS platform, as well as a provider of candidate relationship management for recruiting. Avature can help with campus recruiting, recruitment events, employee referrals, internal mobility, succession planning, and more.

The applicant tracking system (ATS) from Avature allows users to establish several career sites with unique branding, application processes, and navigation to target different audience segments based on brands, professional interests, and experience levels. Data can be collected using any number of custom fields, and application processes with one, two, or numerous steps can be established. Avature's library also allows you to create, share, and keep a variety of job templates. Multiple approval workflows can also be created using configurable, event-driven workflows.

Interview scheduling is made easy with Avature's workflow-integrated web calendars, which automatically publish appointments to Outlook and Google Calendar. First-come, first-serve, time blocking, and other high-volume schedule management capabilities are supported by advanced calendars. Along with e-Signature support, email messaging, correspondence monitoring, offer letter generating, and notifications are all automated to help speed the recruitment process. Users can produce a variety of conventional reports, as well as recruiter productivity reports, hiring manager activity reports, vendor reports, and real-time dashboards with role-based access, using Avature's analytics capabilities.

The performance management solution from Avature allows for the development of continuous, collaborative, and agile processes that enable fact-based, timely performance conversations. Individuals can define and track goals, and managers can discover high-performing and underperforming employees, as well as organizational skill shortages. Users can request and get real-time feedback and recognition from their supervisors, peers, direct reports, and external partners. Self-assessments for competencies and goals, manager evaluations, and peer reviews are all included in performance evaluations.