What is BenchmarkONE?

Like many small business CRMs, BenchmarkOne keeps it simple. However, they distinguish themselves from other CRMs by creating an engaging, social, and human CRM platform. Information is visual and dynamic, increasing user adoption rates. There are plenty of tools for sales and marketing automation, too. Depending on the size of your organization. BenchmarkOne could be one of the cheapest CRM platforms on the market.

You get unlimited users with its Enterprise plan, which begins at US$ 161/month. Ease of Use Like many small business CRMs, BenchmarkOne has a clean and intuitive design. But the UI still stands out from the pack, given the fast loading time, easy navigation, and striking simplicity. The CRM app is also notable for its user-friendly design and functionality. Contact Management BenchmarkOne is not just another small business CRM.

They`ve put great thought into how to represent data and keep it engaging. Customer records have photos, links to social media profiles, and interactive timelines. It helps users feel like they`re interacting with humans versus a set of data. The interactive and nuanced profiles also ensure you have insight into the client before you pick up the phone or send that text. Marketing Features You can collect data on your audience using custom fields, forms, and filters. Any information collected through your webforms will also be automatically folded into your customer records. Segmentation lists are dynamic, so as a customer or prospect changes their interests or hits a certain lead score, they`ll be automatically moved to the right list.

You can then send email campaigns that are personalized and up-to-date. It`s worth noting that BenchmarkOne`s pricing revolves around the number of contacts and email sends you require each month. Marketers also get customizable dashboards to track the status of their tasks, projects, and KPIs. There are also marketing automations, landing pages, pop-ups, webhooks, and design templates. Pro and enterprise level subscribers get dynamic content, wherein your marketing collateral changes depending on who views it. Sales Features Automated task creation ensures you know exactly what to do as a prospect moves down the pipeline. This reduces a lot of stress and cognitive load for sales reps. Instead of tracking dozens of clients, let BenchmarkOne do the work for you.

Pipeline management also keeps business owners apprised of sales performance in real-time. You don`t have to wait for the quarterly report--managers can quickly pivot based on instant sales reports. Dynamic lists and filters also help you find and prioritize the most valuable accounts. Web tracking features let you see what prospects and customers are doing in real-time. You can strike when a prospect is most likely to buy, by monitoring activity such as product views, wish lists, and eCarts.