What is BIGContacts?

For small firms, it handles customer and prospect interactions with ease. Small teams may use BIGContacts by ProProfs to expand their businesses through better contact management. Sort and see contacts by last contact, opportunity, ongoing or planned action, or latest communication. Your entire team can stay informed and observe the conversation because all emails are collected in one location. Any additional data about your prospects and customers that is crucial to your organization can be stored in custom fields. To manage your teams, create users, roles, and permissions.

Create a unique sales funnel and let it automatically send tailored emails to prospects based on where they are in the sales cycle. Email campaigns may be set up to change and send emails automatically based on the number of days or significant events, such when a contact moves into a new sales stage. Create campaigns, nurture sales prospects, and manage reports all in one location.

You may add your contacts by hand, via spreadsheet, by forms, or through webhooks. Know what you sent and when you last communicated with a contact. Keep track of your own or your team's meetings, emails, files, tasks, and to-dos. With automatic tasks and reminders, you'll never miss a deadline.

BIGContacts was created with simplicity and use in mind. It's scalable for businesses of all sizes because of this, making it ideal for small firms. Fields, procedures, and workflow may all be readily modified to meet your particular company. Phone, chat, and email support are all accessible around-the-clock.

Users of BIGContacts CRM may modify reports to track the most pertinent parameters. The tool is excellent for maintaining structured, current contact data. Additionally, it integrates with all the business tools, including QuickBooks and Outlook, making it simple to maintain automatic data synchronization.

BigContact's features are:

  • CRM & Sales Dashboards
  • CRM & Sales Reports
  • CRM Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Email Monitoring
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Reports
  • Content Management

You will improve your productivity levels with the help of BIGContacts. With detailed to-do lists and notifications, it’s easy to be aware of upcoming tasks and pending activities. You can also use the tool to generate activity reports to monitor individual and team performance. BIGContacts has an easy implementation and short learning curve. The customer support for the software is highly professional and reliable as well.

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