What is Blackbaud Altru?

Blackbaud Altru is a cloud-based membership management solution with tools for managing ticketing and admissions, converting ticket purchasers and visitors, handling merchandise, and more. Blackbaud Altru delivers a 360-degree picture of your visitors, members, and donors to better recognize behaviors and boost revenue for cultural institutions such as general admission organizations, museums, zoos, aquariums, gardens, and science centers.

The dashboard in Blackbaud Altru gives users a complete picture of their supporters, members, and donors, including information on attendance, membership activities, gifts, and more. Users can use graphical reports to keep track of operations like membership renewals, upgrades, and cancellations. The cloud-based platform allows customers to sell items and maintain inventory while also facilitating online, mobile, and in-person membership and ticket sales.

Key Features

  • Interface: An easy-to-navigate interface allows for mobile, online, and walk-up tickets, as well as membership sales.
  • Donor Management: Segment contribution appeals based on a complete picture of each constituent and use smart messaging to convert more donations. Using ResearchPoint's statistics, you can easily manage prospects and donors.
  • Marketing: Increase online sales by using mobile-friendly transaction pages that are handled through a shopping cart. With a built-in email engine, you can forget about importing and exporting lists.
  • Merchandising: Use onsite merchandise management to automate merchandise discounts and member benefits.
  • Management of Volunteers and Resources: Using calendar tools to manage volunteers and resources improves scheduling efficiency and accuracy.
  • Management of Education: Manage camp and class registrations online to see how the programs interact. Admissions, memberships, and fundraising are all supported.
  • Data Hygiene: Integrating with AddressFinder helps maintain constituents' addresses up to current, which saves money on mailing expenditures. DeceasedRecordFinder is a tool that lets you identify and remove deceased people from mailing lists.
  • Visitor Services: Ensure VIP clients and patrons receive special service by contacting members when they arrive and providing CTAs. To cultivate strong donor relationships, recognize board members and key donors.