What is BlueCamroo?

BlueCamroo is a cloud-based company management tool that follows a customer's full journey, from initial contact to deals, upselling prospects, and more. BlueCamroo is an ideal business partner for solo and small business owners.

Limitless contacts, unlimited chances, unlimited projects, unlimited cases, unlimited processes, and unlimited external users are among the capabilities offered by BlueCamroo. BlueCamroo's patent-pending design makes it the most modern and flexible CRM solution available, allowing users to track their critical contacts and relationships throughout time as they move from business to company.

BlueCamroo collects and nurtures leads from websites, email lists, and social media. Users can share calendars, timesheets, files, notes, and contacts within the system, which aids project delivery. Email integration saves time and keeps information in the system centralized. The analytic dashboards provided by BlueCamroo measure sales information and allow customers to construct their own reports.

New contacts can be added automatically through a web form, manually, or by sending an email to a designated email address. This is where automation and auto lead nurturing come into play, ensuring that nothing slips between the cracks. You can send marketing emails to leads after they've been added, while your sales team is notified and tasks are created and allocated.

You can use the lead in email marketing campaigns by purchasing email credits or integrating your SMTP server. Your sales staff can track and develop opportunities, as well as nurture and convert leads into prospects and deals that can be converted into projects. Each project can range from a single task to a multi-stage, fine-grained undertaking. The visual workbench allows you to see the projects in diagrammatic style.

The social scout is one of our favorite BlueCamroo features. It's a clever function that scans your social media feeds for general buzz or sales chances and provides you with useful information. Furthermore, after you add someone as a lead, the social scout retrieves all of their publicly available social profile information to assist you get to know them better. Without leaving the BlueCamroo interface, you can then respond to their posts and even send tweets.