What is BNTouch?

BNTouch Mortgage CRM is a fully integrated digital mortgage system, CRM, marketing, and POS tool that provides loan officers and mortgage companies with a comprehensive mortgage business growth platform. Email and SMS marketing automation, lead distribution and management, 35+ proprietary mortgage tools, digital 1003 application, pre-built marketing content, customized video marketing, curated social media content, and more are all included in BNTouch Mortgage CRM. This solution can be integrated with existing systems such as LOS, Outlook, Zapier, and others.

Features Include:

  • Use the world's first Mortgage AI Assistant to interact with your CRM, borrowers, and partners.
  • A searchable list of your borrowers and partners provides quick access to your database.
  • On the go, send emails, phone calls, texts, postcards, and video messages.
  • Contacts can be created, managed, and edited in any of your pipelines or databases.
  • Setup and receive instant alerts for new leads, birthdays, tasks, and other events.
  • Schedule tasks, take notes, and keep track of your calendar.
  • You can access your loan conversion, closed, and top lead source statistics at any time.
  • Start, pause, and view any of your current or previous marketing campaigns.
  • With the events tracker, you can track marketing success, make notes, and keep track of the most recent phone calls.
  • Scan business cards to quickly add contacts.
  • Accept new leads into your pipeline and review your lead history.
  • Be notified of new refinances automatically.

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