What is BoomTown?

BoomTown is the only lead generation and management technology system. Expert lead generation, consumer websites, CRM, in-house lead qualifying, and more, all in scalable packages. BoomTown is trusted by the largest real estate brokerages to help them close more sales and expand their company.

BoomTown features all of the tools, technology, and people you'll need to succeed in real estate. With 300+ specialists on your side, it's the only service that creates and manages your leads. Lead generation, consumer-facing websites, CRM technologies, lead management services, and more are all available in scalable packages. 

The main goal is to help real estate agents succeed, and the services go beyond technology: peer coaching, lead qualification services that contact, qualify, and nurture leads, and dedicated advisors who provide personalized support at every step of the process, from onboarding and training to optimizing your business and planning for strategic growth.

Brokers and agents may use the automated marketing solutions to keep in touch with prospects and clients, allowing them to nurture leads without having to manually track all interactions. The technology sends out automated notifications when a property is updated, allowing agents to stay on top of their markets.

Users may follow a prospective buyer's or seller's movements and interactions around the site using Boomtown's powerful website analytics. Dashboards in sales analytics may assist managers keep track of their team's involvement. Users may design their product website with features such as a mortgage calculator, home value estimate, pricing history, property data, and property maps using the tool.

However, the primary objective of the BoomTown platform is to maximize your conversion rate and nurture leads over time. BoomTown provides constant and sustainable lead generation for people that work the process every day.

Aside from PPC, BoomTown's "Marketing Central" site enables users to design their own advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

BombBomb, Mojo Dialer, Spaciom Vulcan7, dotLoop, and more native integrations are available in BoomTown. It also offers a Zapier connector, which gives you access to the whole Zapier list of integration partners, which is a huge benefit. Because of BoomTown's cooperation with Keeping Current Matters, the content company's blog articles will be used to keep your site's blog updated and original. BoomTown's main competitors are expected to be CINC and kvCORE.

You may use BoomTown if you have a maturing small business, team, or brokerage that thrives on paid leads, PPC, long sales funnels, and phone dialers. BoomTown is the king if you're a hustler with no financial limits who wants to crush it with PPC leads and furious follow up, exactly like many of America's best agents do.

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