What is Brivity CRM?

Brivity CRM is an all-in-one real estate solution that helps high-performing real estate agents and teams manage every aspect of their business from customer service to marketing and lead generation, saving them time and money and increasing profits. It includes many useful functions that you definitely need and which help your business become more efficient. Thus, Brivity includes features such as listing management, marketing and retargeting campaigns, high-quality lead generation, lead nurturing and automation, client communication and transparency, customizable action plans, automated deadline tracking, auto-dialer, SMS text marketing,on-the-go-app, and much more. In this Brivity CRM overview, we will discuss some of these features.

You no longer need to turn on those cell phone alarms and make messy checklists and sticky notes, because Brivity CRM automates 50% of your daily tasks, generates high-quality leads, drives 150% better CTR on digital ad campaigns, amplifies your brand with customized websites and marketing, produces more repeat business, builds trust with a client portal, and so much more.

In our Brivity CRM overview, we need also recall popular integration with widespread tools and systems including  MailChimp, Zapier, Google Contacts, Zillow, Google sheets, Real Geeks, Unbounce, BombBomb, Trulia, Tiger lead, and more.

Due to the fact that Brivity CRM contains automated tasks, drip campaigns, and mass emailing you can follow up, nurture, and quickly reach out to your leads, sphere, and database. Because of high-quality communication, customers always know what you are doing to sell their home which maximizes transparency, satisfaction, and increases repeat and referral business.

Brivity`s listing management allows you easily deliver content, measure its impact, and market your listings on all top platforms with a click of a button. The software gives you an unlimited number of unique property websites, optimized for high lead generation, concentrating on you and your listing. Additionally, you can use branded and unbranded virtual tours and advanced marketing tools to generate more showings, leads, and happier sellers.

As previously mentioned in this Brivity CRM overview, the software connects with the most commonly used real estate tools and systems to easily sync your data and leads. In this way, you can track all your leads in one place and know exactly where they came from to monitor your return on investment (ROI). In order to save time use pre-written, expert-tested email templates, phone scripts, and a range of other automated tasks.

Real estate agents, teams, brokers, or vendors choose Brivity because everything they need is accessible in one system. It doesn`t matter what part of the business you work in, from the real estate agent to admin or vendor you can easily track tasks and stay accountable every turn of the way.

Finally, in our Brivity CRM overview, we can summarize what you can do to work smarter not harder. So, with Brivity CRM you are able to: 

  • Realize your client’s expectations and needs, so you can always send them the right message at the right time;
  • Build better partnerships with customers, so you  can close more deals, improve your reliability in the eyes of clients, and earn more repeat and referral businesses;
  • Stand out from your competition with deep customization;
  • Enhance your business and generate leads with the best marketing tools that deliver leads right to you;
  • Impress customers and leads with great built-in marketing and graphic design templates;
  • Integrate with leading tools and systems to do everything in one place.