What is C2CRM?

C2CRM is a comprehensive CRM solution (available on-premise or in the cloud) that combines sales, marketing, and customer support into a single, unified operation. It's developed on a cutting-edge platform that provides a rich graphics experience through a user-friendly web browser interface. The C2CRM UI is intuitive and uses a role-based methodology, resulting in high user adoption rates. Its mobile app interface provides equivalent capabilities to the software's desktop version. The app offers a comprehensive approach to attracting and retaining loyal customers, resulting in increased profitability and market share.

The modular nature of C2CRM allows businesses to adapt the solution's capabilities to fit their demands and add users as their company grows. With its sophisticated broadcast engine, C2CRM also allows you to track sales pipelines, quotes, forecasts, marketing funnels, and drip campaigns that provide customized communications to new and existing clients. The Enterprise Customer Service feature was created specifically for complex environments that demand a knowledge base. Relationship Management Our solution's heart is the C2CRM Relationship Management module. It includes all of the logic you'll need to manage your business connections successfully, as well as a mobile app to keep your sales staff updated while on the road.

With built-in dashboards, workflow automation, and reporting, you can get a 360-degree picture of your accounts, contacts, and activity. Sales Automation Your sales teams will have everything they need to streamline their sales pipeline from lead to close with the C2CRM Sales Automation module. To track activity at each stage of the sales process, opportunities are linked to the lead management system. The module includes a product and service catalog, as well as quoting and forecasting features.

Marketing Automation The Marketing Automation module in C2CRM is sophisticated enough for even the most experienced marketer, yet easy enough for even the busiest salesman. Our lead management system follows your leads through every marketing campaign, opportunity, and beyond, providing real-time reports and dashboard views of their status and success rates. Customer Service Customer retention is aided with the C2CRM Customer Service module. Our ticketing system, when combined with our knowledge base, enables your employees to respond quickly to consumer complaints. Customer queries are updated in the C2CRM central repository and may be viewed from anywhere in your company to create a consistent customer experience.