What is CallAction?

CallAction is a sales and marketing automation software that helps companies capture, engage, and convert inbound calls, text messages, and email leads across channels. CallAction is useful for insurance agents, home services, real estate & mortgage pros, emergency services, freelancers & consultants, attorneys, automotive repair, and outside sales. This CallAction overview considers useful features and their impact on your business. The key features include drip campaign, sales dialer, call capture, call broadcast, engagement automation, holiday campaign, lead enrichment, lead router, lead tracking, and text for info system.

CallAction allows you to take your business to the next level by getting more leads on the phone and spending less time prospecting them. It automates time-consuming, repetitive sales tasks throughout the customer lifecycle, and handles outbound calls, text messages, and emails to generate more inbound sales conversations.

You can quickly and easily create advanced drip campaign automation using MMS text (image, gif, video, audio), ringless voicemail, email, vCards, task reminders, scheduled Zapier Zap, automated tagging, and call connect to follow up and nurture leads forever. Moreover, you can set up unlimited text for info keyword and response campaigns to attract leads and nurture both existing and potential customers using pre-built holiday text campaigns with advanced delivery scheduling to optimize conversations for referrals.

Another benefit that we mention in this CallAction overview is that you can easily manage and track lead distribution with the only lead router system to assign inbound calls, texts, and emails via first-to-claim or round robin. The pre-call text notifications provide you with information about who and where calls are coming from before answering. 

You also can upload contacts into call lists to quickly power dial and text message with a built-in VOIP single-line dialer. Record and track every incoming call, text message, or email. Additionally, you can eliminate lead data entry with call capture and an email analyzer that syncs with your CRM database through hundreds of API integrations. It`s very handy that outbound calls are recorded and transcribed to text with inbound callbacks engaged with missed call text automation.

Furthermore, in our CallAction overview, it`s important to note that this software enables you to distribute incoming phone calls by simultaneously calling users via broadcast.  Besides that, call analytics records and transcribes calls and measures the ratio of users talking to listening. An ever-improving dashboard provides you with other analytics such as lead engagement rates, and avg. call times call answer rates, peak hours, response channels, and more.

To sum up this CallAction overview, we can summarize what you can do using this software:

  • Generate leads with a “text for info” system and from inbound phone calls and text into your CRM;
  • Discover more lead opportunities with intelligent real-time data addition;
  • Use MMS messages, and voice mail messages without a call or email to get any lead;
  • Answer missed and received calls using call automation;
  • Create your own call lists to quickly make outgoing calls and send text messages using VoIP;
  • Stay on the cutting edge with automated holiday text message campaigns and long-term drip campaigns featuring powerful scheduling options.

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