What is Canny?

Canny is a feedback management platform created to help companies collect and analyze insights from customers and account holders, plan roadmaps and announce product updates. Any customer experience and highlighting product aspects that need improvement help businesses enhance their service and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, all organizations value feedback, suggestions, and new ideas from their customers, but it can be quite challenging to maintain an effective feedback management strategy. In this Canny overview, you can see how this platform copes with its task.

Many companies use feedback forms to collect customer wishes or complaints, but it takes a lot of time to process each feedback manually and it is almost impossible to answer each one. Thus, companies have decided to use automated replies. On the one hand, it is fast, low-cost, and convenient, but on the other hand, the client may think that no one takes his opinion into account and go to a competitor who will listen more carefully. Besides, when there are many requests, it is difficult to track them and valuable information can be lost.

In the Canny overview, we will consider functions such as customizable branding, API, webhooks, reporting, feature request tracking, idea management, and more. For example, you can create a conversation board by asking your clients a simple question like “Which features should we add to this tool?” and find out what they want most by viewing their answers. In this way, you can know which suggestions are most in demand, and then Canny automatically groups similar ideas, allowing you to reach out to everyone with the same request. A built-in changelog provides custom labels and markdown support, allowing you to inform about product updates in a personalized way.

By allowing customers to comment and vote on posts, you save countless hours of help desk work since replying to a small percentage of requests addresses many votes at once, and also write personalized responses that show your customers how much you value their opinion.

Another feature in our Canny overview is roadmapping. You can create public and private roadmaps. Additionally, the software allows you to rank and score components and prioritize them, set an estimate of the availability of features, and customize prioritization according to relevant factors. 

Canny provides integration with several third-party applications such as Zapier, Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, Intercom, Jira, Segment, Microsoft Teams, GitHub,  and more.

To sum up, the Canny overview we can highlight such advantages of using this feedback management platform as :

  • Collecting, analyzing, and organizing feedback automatically and keeping track of customer's suggestions about new features;
  • Spending less time supporting users via email or live chat, and accepting feedback and feature requests through Canny;
  • Keeping clients updated through email, on the status of their feature requests;
  • Informing about your product decisions with organized user feedback, votes, and comments;
  • Introduction of a widget into your product and building a user community around it.

Founders of Canny and former employees of Facebook believe that a properly configured feedback system is one of the keys to the company's success.

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