What is Capsule CRM?

Capsule CRM is a good fit for small teams that want a focused, easy-to-use sales tool. There`s no lengthy training period; you can use Capsule out of the box. You also won`t be overwhelmed by too many features. Capsule does just enough to organize your contacts and sales processes. You can think of it as a stepping stone for sales reps who need more than a spreadsheet but less than a full-powered CRM.

Ease of Use

Capsule CRM couldn`t be any easier to use. The user interface keeps things simple by offering just a handful of options. Contacts, sales pipeline, calendar, reports, and cases are listed in tabs at the top of your screen. You`ll see upcoming tasks in your left sidebar and updates on the right. This makes navigation straightforward and ensures your team isn`t distracted by too many options.

Mobile App

Nearly every CRM is cloud-based and comes with a mobile app. However, it`s worth noting here as it gives Capsule CRM users a clear advantage over their old-fashioned spreadsheets. You can access all your sales and customer data in the field. Any time you make changes to the record, Capsule CRM will automatically update the entire system. All you need is an Internet connection.

Contact Management

You can import your existing contacts using a CSV file. Capsule CRM doesn`t have the automatic syncing you find with many of its competitors. But it`s easy enough to transfer your contacts in Outlook, Google, or Excel to a CSV file, then import them into Capsule. This still saves a lot of time versus manually entering the information.

Once you`ve imported your contact, the record will contain all your customer data. You have a section to include notes and attach files to each contact. Tasks can also be created within the contact record and automatically displayed on the left side of your dash as `Upcoming Tasks.`

Capsule integrates with Yay, Kixie, Circle Loop, and Invoco telephony systems. Use any of these apps to make sales calls directly from the contact record.

Customer Service Cases

Capsule CRM falls short of being Help Desk software. But for small teams, it will keep all your customer issues organized in one place. You can track the progress toward resolution and attach notes and files. Most importantly, it gives you context and ensures your customers get a seamless customer support experience.


Opportunities represent all your deals. You can include information like expected close date, deal stage, and expected value. If you have sales details unique to your business, you can create custom fields. All of your opportunities can be visualized as a sales pipeline. You and your team are never left guessing where a deal stands.


Reports are available only for Capsule`s paid subscriptions. Any information you add to your opportunities can be pulled to create a report. For example, the expected value of all your opportunities can be used to forecast revenue. You can also track:

Deals won/lostTotal pipeline valueConversion ratesIndividual and team performanceOpportunities by stageAverage sales valueSales trendsCustomer lifetime value.


  • Sales pipeline
  • Pipeline dashboard
  • Opportunity filtering
  • Task management
  • Calendar
  • Task automation
  • Task reminder emails
  • Sales analytic
  • Activity reporting
  • Export reports
  • Contact management
  • Security & permissions
  • Data export
  • Connectivity
  • Team management


  • Free trial - yes 
  • Professional- $12 per user per month
  • Teams - $24 per user per month
  • Enterprise - $36 per user per month


  • Email
  • Articles
  • Tweeting
  • Online request forms