What is Caspio?

Caspio is a no-code cloud-based application development solution for businesses of all sizes. Health care, media, government, education, nonprofits, consulting, churches, and community associations are among the industries that can benefit from the platform. Virtualization, automated scheduling, workflow management, and data replication are among the features offered by the solution.

The visual application feature of Caspio allows users to create applications using point-and-click functionality. It allows users to create applications without having to code. The solution can generate interactive reports and data visualizations, allowing managers to collect performance metrics and make data-driven decisions. Users can also use drill-down and pivot functionality to analyze data.

Caspio works with cloud-based data storage systems such as Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Integration with Zapier enables solutions to connect to various applications via a single platform.