What is CentraHub CRM?

Centra Hub CRM is a solution designed to help businesses of any size optimize sales, customer service, and marketing processes. First, let's start this Centra Hub CRM overview, with what kind of business this software is best suited for. It is adapted to the unique requirements of such industries as real estate, auto sales, garages and rentals, professional services, and also for computer aided facility management, education management, project management, delivery and courier management,loyalty management, and asset management.

The solution includes a workflow automation module, which allows managers to create custom rules for streamlining email/SMS campaigns, assigning tasks, and managing role-based permissions. The key features instant notifications, lead management, email reminders, time-based events, a contact database, 360-degree customer views, performance tracking, drag-and-drop capabilities, and more. 

In addition to the above features that we mentioned in this Centra Hub CRM overview  , the platform is also equipped with a meeting scheduling feature that allows SMEs and large enterprises to effectively generate leads and leads from various sources such as websites, social media platforms and community forums. It also can boast innovations in various areas of sales, marketing and service, including lead generation and management, reporting and analytics, sales capture and conversion, and customer service.

Not only is CentraHub CRM packed with a wide range of features and capabilities, but these features are also easily customizable. You have the option to create custom templates for marketing campaigns, landing pages, service level agreements (SLAs), offers, emails, and even workflows. In this way, you will receive an adaptable CRM platform to the specific requirements of your business in a few simple steps to ensure the best interaction with customers.

Another feature in our Centra Hub CRM overview is the 360-degree customer views that gives you the ability to unite all of your contact information and other relevant customer data into a central platform, so you don't have to juggle multiple channels just to find or access the customer information you need.The software integrates easily with different communication tools, so you can avoid the exhausting process of switching between your computer and mobile phone. You can simply call and follow up with leads right from the CRM platform.

Centra Hub CRM supports online appointment scheduling, so creating meeting schedules and appointments with clients is as easy as clicking one button. Moreover, you can assign tasks to individual employees and team members and set reminders for them so they can complete their tasks on time and don’t miss a deadline.

Besides the above features mentioned in this Centra Hub CRM overview, we should also note that you have the ability to automate several key processes, including lead scoring, which also helps you effectively manage multiple marketing campaigns to promote your brand, product or service. Deals can be easily processed and managed using sales automation tools, allowing your team to track the current status and progress of ongoing deals, categorize them and assign them to the right sales reps.

Centra Hub CRM offers customizable dashboards that allow companies to use custom metrics to gain insight into leads, competitors, employee performance, revenue, and sales through real-time analytics, and shared reports.

Additionally, the software supports integration with major third-party systems such as Google Drive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Docs, Office 365, Mailchimp, and more.

To recapitulate this Centra Hub CRM overview we figured out that it is a cloud-based CRM and fully customizable software that provides a centralized platform to execute business operations aligning in various verticals of an organization.

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