What is Chatabox?

Chatabox is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that allows organizations to manage marketing campaigns, appointments, leads, clients, and more through a single interface. Its built-in search tool allows teams to use custom criteria to find reports, emails, files, and calendar items.

Chatabox comes with a document management system that allows businesses to store papers and engage with internal and external stakeholders in a single location. Customizable templates, predefined reports, data synchronization, custom fields, data import, audit logs, and a drag-and-drop interface are just a few of the features available. Administrators can also use workflows to store and track documents, notes, emails, and other project activity, as well as create, share, and manage projects.

Users can use Chatabox to set one-time or regular reminders and appointments, add private or public notes with digital signatures, keep track of clients and produce and distribute invoices with them. Managers can also use a single dashboard to get information about current sales, tasks, project status, campaign performance, and opportunities.

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